NHL CBA talks to resume Tuesday

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman speaks with reporters following

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman speaks with reporters following labor talks with the NHLPA in Toronto. (Aug. 23, 2012) (Credit: AP)

As the weather in New York gets colder, it seems as if there's a thaw in the CBA talks. How much warmer it gets in Gary Bettman-Steve Fehr territory has yet to be determined.

I'm hearing that some players and owners have told their negotiators to cut the best deal possible as soon as possible. We'll see how serious they can get. I'm not sure any deal is imminent; progress would be noteworthy.

If the sides forge an agreement on dividing revenues and existing contracts, the second-tier issues, as important as they may seem, should be more negotiable than the biggies in order to stop the bleeding, get the puck dropped by Dec. 1, and begin a 60-62-64 game season.  

But I've misread this before, although I knew there would be a lockout. Never really expected two weeks of silence while Rome burned. That was petulant.

So cross your fingers, those of you who aren't too embittered by the business, and speaking of cross, please donate to the Red Cross or other charities to help our struggling neighbors on Long Island, in Brooklyn/Queens, on Staten Island, and at the Jersey shore.  Count your blessings.

Will be covering the talks as necessary, so please stay safe and warm and tuned in...

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