Oly Roster Freeze in effect: No deals for Callahan, Girardi

NHL clubs cannot make a move now until Feb. 24, the day after the gold medal game in Sochi....

Teams chatted and some minor moves were made, but the big-name, pending UFAs won't be dealt until before the March 5 NHL trade deadline.

Not really a surprise with Rangers captain Ryan Callahan, if you've been paying attention for the past week. The sides are considerably apart, and the pressure doesn't really ramp up until after the Olympics. Only a handful of teams are out of the playoff hunt. A bit surprised that Girardi wasn't re-signed.

Could one or both be moved by March 5? Certainly possible. Still believe Rangers will reach a deal with Girardi, tougher call on Callahan.

Once one swap for a rental takes place (Vanek, Moulson, others), the logjam should loosen. 


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