NHLPA's disclaimer deadline tonight

                               Besides reviewing the NHL’s latest revisions to a proposed CBA agreement, the players’ association today must decide whether or not to file a disclaimer of interest to the NLRB, which would turn the group into a trade...

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Late-night update: No CBA yet, but sides seem serious

NHL Players' Association executive director Donald Fehr, center,

(Credit: AP)

After covering the last two days of discussions in this latest round of the lockout, my sense---for the first time in months---is that both sides are serious about making a deal.  This could still go sideways, but I believe they are inching toward one.

The good news is that the sides are still talking and swapping proposals.

With a deadline looming to salvage at least a 48-game...

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Toasts to 2012 and 2013...and a CBA update

                  First, many, many thanks to all the Blue Notes readers and Twitter followers and Newsday readers for keeping up with the daily adventures of 2012, and responding in kind.  A toast to you all from Queens to Quebec and beyond.                   ...

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Transcripts: NHL reviews PA response, talks expected Tuesday

So, the PA presented its response to the NHL's 290-plus page proposal Monday with one not nearly as long, but which Commissioner Bettman called "comprehensive". Don Fehr said the union made some movement off its last proposal. The NHL is reviewing it and will contact the union tomorrow morning, and intend to meet with the players reps again.

A good sign? Perhaps, because they...

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