Steve Matthews / October 27 at Belmont

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11/16 Miles (Widener Turf). 3&up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $31,000. Post -- 12:50 p.m.

1Giant Indian(L)118Ortiz, Jr2-7-8Scott20-1

2Golden Tornado(L)123Alvarado6-1-8Rice8-1

3El Corriente(L)121Montalvo7-9-4Scott20-1

4Rover(L)113Coa6-5-5Terranova, II15-1

5Stormy Acre(L)118Velasquez1-2-4Rice5-1



8Tycoon Cat(L)121Lezcano8-9-9Granville50-1

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9Out of Your Mind(L)121Luzzi9-9-12Sciacca30-1

10Rally Point(L)118Silvera5-10-8Gullo20-1

11Barnards Galaxy(L)120Castellano3-8-1Jacobson5-1

12Stephen's Revenge(L)116Garcia3-6-10Tagg6-1

Also Eligible

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13All Zipped Up(L)121Prado9-8-6Lakeman20-1

Main Track Only

14Freudian Therapist118Luzzi4-10-4Martin6-1

Stephen's Revenge logged fast final fraction when making sustained run in last; more to come. Splendiferous drops and makes peak start of form cycle. Golden Tornado could impact if pace meltdown ensues.


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1 Mile. 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $75,000.

1Guilt Trip(L)118Velazquez1-8-xBrown3-1

2Summer Sunset(L)118Castellano2-2-1Levine6-1


4Dan and Sheila(L)118Castro3-1-2Pompay12-1

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5Chief Energy(L)118Lezcano4-8-5Toner8-1


7Cinnamon Beach(L)121Ortiz, Jr3-6-2Scott20-1

Dan and Sheila earned improved pace figure in last; handles mile trip. Guilt Trip has worked sharply since game victory in last. Summer Sunset owns speed and fast figs; must consider.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $28,000.

1Suave N Sassy(L)113Garcia7-4-3Hertler30-1

2Mill Branch Millie(L)111Coa8-7-9Friedman50-1




6Princess Reyana(L)113Hernandez3-3-6Persaud20-1

7El Patron Especial(L)120Montalvo3-1-2Breed20-1

8Fun and Gains(L)120Maragh1-10-5Ness6-1

9Union Boss(L)115Ortiz1-8-5DiPrima4-1

10Ripley's Gold(L)118Husbands9-5-1Ronen30-1

11She's Gosphel(L)118Silvera3-11-2Gullo6-1

12Bayshore Blaze(L)121Ortiz, Jr10-5-2Barbara20-1

13Superstitious Love(L)123Castellano1-2-4Tagg8-1

14Esthers Classy Las(L)120Lezcano11-1-2Jacobson20-1

Also Eligible

15Karma Police(L)118Luzzi4-7-2Signore, Jr6-1

She's Gosphel wheels back in a hurry and returns to dirt after showing improved speed on turf this past Sunday. Fun and Gains bested a next-out winner when a handy victor in last; very playable. Catalonia logged fast pace and final figs when winning last; could easily take another.


11/8 Miles (Inner Turf). 3yo. Fillies. THE BANNER GALA. Purse: $85,000.

1Sea Island(L)117Lezcano6-6-1McGaughey III8-1

2Baffle Me(L)117Rosario5-1-3Hennig10-1


4Regalo Mia(L)117Castro2-3-2Nihei3-1


6Thunderous Lady(L)117Castellano1-3-1Trombetta8-1


8Carpe Pretium(L)117Garcia5-1-2Beattie20-1

Regalo Mia is rested and owns fast late pace numbers. Sea Island could turn things around with switch to sod. Thunderous Lady owns three wins from four starts; big-time player.


7 Furlongs (Widener Turf). 3&up. NY Bred. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $54,000.

1Persky's Heart(L)116Hernandez11-8-8Ortiz50-1

2Darn That Trip(L)118Prado1-6-6Ryerson15-1

3Princess Jenny(L)116Garcia1-5-3Bond10-1

4Strike Accord(L)118Rosario4-2-4Kimmel4-1

5Quiet Ending(L)118Lezcano2-2-3Clement3-1

6City Scamper(L)121Castro7-9-10Albertrani30-1


8White Sangria(L)118Castellano1-3-3Bush5-2

9Bonatini(L)118Ortiz, Jr6-6-10Gyarmati15-1


11Desert Bliss(L)118Alvarado1-2-4Englehart8-1

Rodinia owns sharp current form on dirt and logged only win on turf. Strike Accord should pack intensified wallop with cutback to 7 furlongs. Desert Bliss was a hard charging maiden winner in last; very dangerous. Quiet Ending was a willing second in last; logical.


6 Furlongs (Inner Turf). 3&up. Purse: $53,000.

1Devoted Wildcat(L)118Silvera5-6-1Gullo20-1

2Moonshine Bay(L)121Lezcano1-1-1Canani9-2

3Chasing Moonlight(L)121Garcia2-1-4Albertrani15-1


5Chief Carlson(L)118Castro1-2-1Hills15-1

6Bravo Habibi(L)118Rosario1-2-5Asmussen7-2


8Brown Indian(L)121Ortiz, Jr2-4-1Weaver8-1

9Precious Metal(L)121Velazquez6-2-1Jacobson4-1

10Partly Mocha(L)118Castellano3-4-1Weaver5-1

11Trouble in Dodge(L)121Maragh3-3-8Orseno12-1

12Team Six(L)118Velasquez8-4-5Englehart30-1

Also Eligible


14Thomas Hill(L)118Lezcano7-2-8Grusmark15-1


Main Track Only

16Seminole County(L)113Ortiz1-1-7Rodriguez3-1

Precious Metal was pace and trip compromised in last on dirt and logged all three wins on turf. Chasing Moonlight was a pole clear for second when bested by a runaway winner in last. Moonshine Bay has won three straight and looms the dominant speed. Chief Carlson gets confident price hike after winning last at Mth; don't ignore.


7 Furlongs (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $52,000.

1Golden Cheetah(L1)115Ortizx-x-xSchettino10-1

2Bahiyya Island120Husbands5-x-xToscano, Jr15-1

3Kate Me Mate113Carson7-10-11Raia II50-1

4Going Going Gone(L)120Velasquez3-2-4Rice5-2

5Manhattan Kitty(L1)118Garciax-x-xFeron30-1

6New Doo115Hernandez10-x-xKelly20-1


8McGillycuddy's Gal(L)116Tomas9-8-xAllyn50-1

9Sheedbdawon(L1)120Ortiz, Jrx-x-xMaker8-1

10Rt. Sixty Seven(L)123Montalvo10-7-7Appel, Jr20-1

11Silver Mast(L)116Coa5-5-11Sedlacek15-1

12Yes It's Pink(L)120Lezcano2-2-3Clement9-5

Also Eligible

13Jennys Creek(L)115Ortiz6-4-3Martin4-1

14Swift Taylor(L)120Prado7-8-6Wilkes8-1

15Fast and Strong(L)120Rosario2-3-2Clement8-5

Main Track Only

16Madame Prosecutor(L)115Garcia3-4-2Antonucci6-1

Going Going Gone should be aided by today's additional furlong. Fast and Strong owns fast numbers and must be considered if able to escape AE list. Yes It's Pink should pack amplified kick with turnback to 7 furlongs.


11/16 Miles. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. THE TURNBACK THE ALARM (Grade III). Purse: $150,000.

1All Due Respect(L)117Maragh2-3-6Dutrow, Jr4-1

2R Gypsy Gold(L)117Castellano6-3-1Pletcher4-1

3Go Unbridled(L)116Alvarado3-1-5Jerkens8-1



6Arena Elvira(L)120Lezcano3-1-1Mott5-2

7Catch a Thief(L)114Castro8-2-3Hills20-1

8Afleeting Lady(L)117Rosario1-6-2Romans3-1

All Due Respect fired two, sharp 5-furlong works since last start; set for best in third outing of form cycle. Go Unbridled packs a powerful late punch on 'A' game. Catch a Thief compiled eye-catching work slate for first start since July 29; worth long look at long price.


7 Furlongs. 3&up. THE BOLD RULER (Grade III). Purse: $150,000.


2Spring to the Sky(L)113Ortiz, Jr1-9-3Brown30-1

3Isn't He Perfect(L)115Prado6-2-2Shivmangal12-1

4Associate(L)115Velazquez1-3-1Dutrow, Jr8-1

5Zero Rate Policy(L)114Garcia8-2-2Pompay20-1

6Private Tale(L)113Alvarado1-2-1Trombetta15-1

7Gallant Fields(L)115Rosario1-3-8Dutrow, Jr12-1

8Caixa Eletronica(L)119Castellano2-4-8Pletcher5-2

9Golddigger's Boy(L)117Lezcano5-2-2Preciado6-1

10Little Drama(L)117Maragh4-1-2Mareina7-2

Little Drama fell victim to hot fractions in Vosburgh last time; main speed with aggressive ride. Golddigger's Boy adds blinkers and possess potent kick on best; very playable. Private Tale has trained strongly since winning last at Lrl; price will be tempting. Caixa Eletronica is more than good enough on best efforts.


6 Furlongs (Inner Turf). 3&up. Claiming $25,000. Purse: $35,000.

1Mr Rosenthal(L)121Luzzi1-2-2DiPrima20-1

2Commitment Letter(L)115Ortiz1-8-4Shivmangal4-1

3All for the Trip(L)118Velasquez1-7-6Brown6-1

4Tightend Touchdown(L)118Castellano7-7-4Servis12-1

5Christopher's Joy(L)118Alvarado6-5-7Asmussen12-1

6Tennis Racket(L)121Ortiz, Jr2-10-6Scott20-1

7Lost Decade(L)113Garcia5-5-7Pompay6-1

8Little Dale(L)118Rosario1-7-6Gullo6-1

9Exciting Missile(L)118Montalvo5-6-3Aquilino30-1

10The Mixer(L)118Maragh2-8-7Orseno5-1


12Mr E Philip(L)118Lezcano1-1-10Kenneally7-2

Also Eligible

13Dixie's Cat Can Do(L)116Hernandez6-5-5Contessa15-1

Main Track Only

14Classic R and B(L)113Garcia7-4-1Gullo7-2

15Kid Wando(L)113Ortiz2-1-2Schettino4-1

16Ancient Rome(L)118No Rider3-5-1Dutrow3-1

Commitment Letter logged fast final fraction when winning at this level in last; pairs up. The Mixer was fast-figured second on dirt last time and lone win was logged on Belmont grass; very playable. Christopher's Joy never fired in the mud last time but can impact on 'A' game. Mr E Philip has won last two starts; must be factored into the mix.

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