Steve Matthews / Sept. 8 at Belmont

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1 Mile. Maiden Special Weight. 2yo. Purse: $73,000.

Post -- 12:50 p.m.

1Orb120Rosario3-x-xMcGaughey III5-2

2High Five Again(L)120Napravnik5-x-xZito12-1


4Royal Art120Maragh3-x-xLukas8-1

5Bad Hombre(L)120Leparoux4-x-xKimmel3-1

6New Line120Alvarado5-x-xMott8-1

7Air Squadron(L)120Dominguez4-x-xBrown5-1

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Orb logged fast final fraction after slow start and wide move in debut; more to come. Royal Art made late run in debut and should be aided by today's added ground. Bad Hombre fired eye-catching 5-furlong bullet since fourth in first start; big-time player.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Claiming $16,000. NY Bred. Purse: $26,000.

1Signora Sofia(L)120Montalvo9-7-5Sciacca20-1

2Madame Prosecutor(L)115Ortiz9-x-xAntonucci30-1

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4Eva Lil118Hernandez12-10-7Smith20-1

5Outlaw Cody Z(L)123Espinoza6-5-3Morrison6-1

6Lemon Sundae(L)120Ortiz, Jr4-4-12Albertrani10-1

7Esthers Classy Las(L)120Rosario2-5-8Farrell2-1

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8Bluffing Quality(L)120Leparoux7-7-xWilkes3-1

9Baal Perazim120Luzzix-x-xMartin12-1

10Carrot Thief(L)123Studart3-4-7Quick5-1

11Sheila's Gold(L)113Garcia7-5-10Feron12-1

Esthers Classy Las tallied career best late pace fig when second in last; rates close call. Carrot Thief was less than two lengths behind top selection after making strong middle move in last; very playable. Lemon Sundae makes peak start of form cycle; don't dismiss.

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1 1/4 Mile. (Inner Turf). The BOWLING GREEN (Grade II). 3&up. Purse: $200,000.

1Air Support(L)118Velazquez3-2-2McGaughey III8-5

2Brilliant Speed(L)117Castellano3-6-5Albertrani2-1



5Brujo de Olleros(L)112Leparoux4-1-1Motion10-1

Main Track Only

6Redeemed(L)124No Rider1-1-1Dutrow, Jr4-5

Brujo de Olleros logged two endurance-building works since last start and switches surfaces for potent dirt-to-turf stable; upset call. Air Support handles the distance and packs potent late kick, but has repeatedly failed at short odds; your move. Newsdad is more than good enough on best efforts.


6 Furlongs. The AFFILIATE. 3&up. Purse: $80,000.

1Zero Rate Policy(L)120Rosario2-7-8Pompay6-1

2Sean Avery(L)120Bravo1-2-1Iwinski9-5


4Sam Sparkle(L)118Ortiz, Jr3-2-3Contessa10-1

5Royal Currier(L)123Maragh1-1-7Farro2-1

Sean Avery is firing bullets for first start in more than a year. Crossbow logged four tight works since last outing; very dangerous. Royal Currier is riding a two-race winning streak; could easily take another.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 2yo. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. NY Bred. Purse: $52,000.

1Hot Rendezvous(L)120Ortiz, Jr2-x-xContessa4-1

2Frosty Bay(L1)120Velazquezx-x-xSchettino5-1

3Ah Gaga120Castrox-x-xSaville10-1

4A Prettydixie120Espinoza3-x-xKelly8-1

5Our Favorite Place(L)120Lopez7-8-xFriedman30-1

6Fantastic Eyes(L)113Garcia5-x-xAquilino15-1

7Aunt Tipsy(L)120Dominguez6-x-xTagg6-1

8Rosalie's Pleasure(L)120Prado2-x-xBrown3-1

9John's Mariah(L)120Castellano4-2-4Martin6-1


11As Well(L1)120Lezcanox-x-xHennig12-1

Main Track Only


A Prettydixie chased hot fractions when an even third in debut; rates call based on price potential. John's Mariah cuts back to 7 furlongs and should pack intensified late kick; very dangerous. Hot Rendezvous was a late-running second in debut and could be aided by today's longer trip.


1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Allowance. NY Bred. Purse: $59,000.

1Carbon County(L)121Alvarado6-3-3Hushion4-1


3Roaring Conquest(L)121Rosario3-3-3Englehart8-1

4Dual Citizen(L)121Garcia2-1-4Duggan15-1

5Cincinnati Kid(L)121Prado2-4-9Miller6-1

6In My Eyes(L)118Velazquez3-8-3Matz6-1

7Stephen's Revenge(L)121Castro10-2-6Tagg15-1

8Unguided Missile(L)118Espinoza9-7-4Lostritto50-1

9Nelson Avenue(L)114Garcia1-3-4Quartarolo10-1

10Mr. Vantastic(L)121Ortiz, Jr7-9-3Barker20-1



Also Eligible

13Scavezzato(L)121Dominguez8-4-3Dutrow, Jr8-1

14Powerful Instinct(L)113Ortiz10-4-3Sallusto20-1

15Gamblin Fever(L)121Espinoza7-4-9Turner, Jr20-1

Main Track Only

16Stonecoldsteamer(L)118Dominguez6-3-5Dutrow, Jr5-2

Cincinnati Kid was tough-trip second in last and should have more to give in second start since November. Roaring Conquest packs potent late kick and will benefit from return to turf. Windafull consistently logs fast figures.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Maiden Special Weight. NY Bred. Purse: $52,000.



3T C H Warrior123Pezua9-10-xOrtiz30-1

4River Tune(L)120Castellano2-11-6Martin8-1

5Riverdance Rock(L)120Rosario10-2-xHills5-1

6Why Not Whiskey(L)120Lezcano2-3-6Brown5-1


8Tower in Court(L1)123Luzzix-x-xBaker20-1

9Lord of Love(L)120Napravnik6-3-3Hertler12-1

10Winning Pal(L)120Dominguez7-10-xRice10-1

11Call Up the Chief(L)123Ortiz, Jr4-6-3Toscano, Jr15-1

12Papa Tom(L)113Garcia2-10-4Ubillo20-1

Also Eligible

13Chase On Home(L)116Garcia3-8-11Shevy30-1

Main Track Only

14Bellamy(L)120No Rider8-4-xAlbertrani8-1


16Stone Picker(L)120No Rider6-9-9Hertler20-1

Why Not Whiskey was sandwiched between next-out winners when second in last and should pack amplified kick with turnback to 7 furlongs. Dreamsgonewild adds blinkers and will prove very tough on an unchallenged lead. Palace runs late and should be aided by surface switch and added ground.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $53,000.

1Royal Sighting(L)121Dominguez3-5-2Englehart3-1

2Garnet Street(L)121Ortiz, Jr6-4-1Barker10-1


4Karma Police(L)118Castro2-1-1Signore, Jr6-1

5Irish Exchange(L)118Rosario2-1-7Stall, Jr2-1

6Lion Alexandra(L)118Garcia2-5-1Dutrow, Jr8-1

7Fiftyfour Forever(L)118Castellano2-3-2Quartarolo7-2

Royal Sighting should find already ample kick enhanced with cutback to 6 furlongs. Karma Police is rested and owns fast figs on 'A' game. Fiftyfour Forever is fleet-footed and will prove very formidable with soft fractions.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $30,000.

1El Corriente(L)121Lopez6-2-10Scott10-1

2Renzo Bertoni118Rosario7-7-7Jerkens5-1

3Orchestra Leader(L)118Velasquez8-3-7Day8-1

4All Zipped Up(L)123Napravnik4-1-4Lakeman6-1

5Tennis Racket(L)121Ortiz, Jr6-4-6Scott10-1

6Top Yank(L)121Luzzi12-5-5Pringle20-1

7Kathy's Kitten(L)121Alvarado3-9-5Hushion5-2


9Quiet Eyes(L)113Hernandez6-4-6Contessa20-1


11Black Ace(L)120Lezcano1-2-5Parisella3-1

12Logical Order(L)121Pezua11-7-10Granville50-1

Also Eligible


Main Track Only

14Acadian Blues(L)121Ortiz, Jr7-4-2Gyarmati7-2

15Thunderous G(L)114Garcia1-3-4Canani9-5

16Springcourt(L)121No Rider3-4-8Jacobson2-1

All Zipped Up was pace and position compromised in last and tallied only career win on Belmont turf. Renzo Bertoni gets class relief and is another whose only win was logged on Belmont grass. Kathy's Kitten owns speed and should be aided by shorter trip. Doublespeak logged only win on Belmont sod; worth long look at long price.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $28,000.

2Goodtime Boy(L)118Garcia6-6-4Dutrow, Jr3-1

3Crea's Law(L)121Espinoza13-10-5O'Brien30-1

4Tycoon Cat(L)121Pezua7-6-5Granville20-1


5Keltic Fighter(L)121Husbands9-7-3Hizo50-1

6My Man Dan(L)118Lezcano5-11-11Contessa8-1

7Grey Foose(L)116Hernandez3-5-7Contessa10-1

1aClassic R and B(L)120Dominguez1-5-7Gullo2-1

8Warrior From Above(L)114Garcia8-12-1Ubillo30-1

9Why Broadway(L)113Ortiz5-3-10Shivmangal12-1

10Freudian Therapist(L)118Luzzi10-4-3Martin20-1

11Blue Creek(L)118Castellano8-8-1Galluscio12-1

12How Do I Win(L)118Ortiz, Jr6-3-5Canani4-1

13Ice Theater(L)118Studart6-4-8Young50-1

Goodtime Boy makes quick comeback and drops two price levels for Rick Dutrow; call in wide-open nightcap. Classic R and B defeated a pricer field in last; big-time danger. Why Broadway is riding a forward line on pace and final figures. How Do I Win owns very fast numbers on 'A' game.

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