Steve Matthews / April 3 at Aqueduct

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11/16 Miles (Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $16,000. Purse: $23,000. Post -- 12:50 p.m.

1Im a Rockstar Diva(L)116Velasquez3-1-6Rodriguez12-1

2Go Olivia Go(L)116Cohen6-4-1Jacobson6-1

3Let the Kitten Run(L)121Castro10-1-3Martin8-5

4Alternative Meds(L)116Ortiz1-2-8Duggan15-1

5Caution Sign(L)121Lezcano3-8-2Barbara9-5

6Silent Joy(L)121Alvarado9-7-6Englehart8-1

7Belle of the West(L)116Espinoza3-1-3Rodriguez20-1

8Honey Due Tell(L)114Franco6-9-6Sciacca30-1

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Main Track Only

9Imagine Tomorrow(L)116Rodriguez7-7-1Smith20-1


Caution Sign was speed sharpened on dirt last time and logged only lifetime win on turf; surface switch is key. Let the Kitten Run gets class relief in return from South Florida; dangerous on best. I'm a Rockstar Diva holds sharp current form and starts from the fence; must consider.



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6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $50,000.

1Ah Gaga(L)118Castro5-2-6Gyarmati10-1


3China Gold(L)113Coa2-2-4McLaughlin4-5


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7Kimmies Lucky Star118Lezcano8-x-xScott30-1

Ah Gaga makes peak start of form cycle after earning improved pace figure in last; breakthrough predicted. China Gold owns speed and fast figs but failed as the favorite in last two; handle with care at short ticket. Concealed was second to a repeat winner in last; must consider.


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1 Mile. 4&up. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $24,000.

1Lure of the South(L)120Morales1-5-1Ness3-1

2Rutherford B.(L)111Franco9-11-10Gullo30-1

3Good Karma(L)118Cohen3-7-4Englehart12-1


5Mr. Topia(L)118Saez7-4-5Rodriguez6-1

6Marquet Rebel(L)111Tomas6-7-9Parker30-1

7Adirondack Express(L)120Velasquez1-2-5Jacobson8-5

Mr. Topia projects as the main speed in first start since claimed by Rudy Rodriguez; rates close call based on price potential. Adirondack Express tallied swift final fraction when a clear-cut winner in last; could easily take another. Lure of the South, another last-race winner, fired 5-furlong bullet in the interim; very interesting.


1 Mile (Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Starters Allowance. Purse: $53,000.


2Bluegrass Rumor(L)122Ortiz1-1-4Esler4-1


4Downtown Hottie(L)122Velasquez2-5-4Dutrow5-2

5We Need V L T's(L)122Lezcano4-4-3Miranda15-1


7Mollie's Prize(L)115Franco3-4-3Toscano, Jr15-1

8Lawless Miss(L)122Saez6-3-1Goldberg7-2

Main Track Only


10Belle Gallantey(L)122Velasquez2-2-4Friedman2-1

Lawless Miss packs a solid late kick on best and is training with a purpose for Alan Goldberg. Bluegrass Rumor exits pair of impressive, front-running dirt scores and could easily play out as the dominant speed once again. Downtown Hottie is rested and ows fast numbers on 'A' game.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $52,000.


2Pegasus Diamond(L)119Cohen4-2-7Englehart12-1

3Sharon Spagetti(L)113Castro4-2-3Rodriguez3-1

4Easy Ending(L)119Solis5-9-4Rodriguez7-2

5White Crane(L)110Coa1-1-xRice15-1

6Your Time Is Up(L)115Ortiz1-6-xViolette, Jr6-1

7Frosty But Funky(L)115Saez1-8-xGullo20-1


Daisysgonnamakeit was pace and position compromised when a fast-figured third in last. Ibid could prove a very tough customer as the controlling speed on the rail. Easy Ending is fresh and owns swift back figures.


11/16 Miles (Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $57,000.

1Beautiful Risk(L)122Chamafi2-8-8Badgett, Jr12-1

2Silver Mast(L)124Morales1-7-7Sedlacek15-1

3Flirtatious Spring(L)122Velasquez1-3-3Rice4-1

4Star Black(L)111Coa4-3-6Signore, Jr30-1


6A New York Phillie(L)117Rodriguez7-8-5Ubillo30-1

7My Unbridled Storm(L)115Franco3-6-7Rojas30-1


9Eurokay by Me(L)122Espinoza3-3-2Schwartz5-1

10My Four Rewards(L)116Ortiz8-6-9Lostritto20-1

11Katie Malone(L)122Cohen11-2-1Klesaris7-2

12Make the Moment(L)116Castro4-1-10Albertrani15-1

Main Track Only

13Hall of Flame(L)122Davis9-7-9Ubillo20-1

14Sugar Beach(L)122Cohen1-6-4Englehart3-1

15She's Always Hot(L)122No Rider2-2-5Allard5-2

Flirtatious Spring is 1-for-1 on Big A sod and hails from white-hot Linda Rice barn. Manero returns from South Florida and owns speed and fast figs on best efforts. Milkyyourway was a tough-trip fourth in lone turf try; worth long look.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Maiden Claiming $16,000. Purse: $23,000.

1Lehigh Lass(L1)118Maraghx-x-xEnglehart6-1


3Ms. True Way(L)117Franco2-4-7Barker4-1

4Mea Maxima Culpa(L)118Castro4-6-7Persaud15-1

5Bonita Sonata(L)124Chamafi3-5-5Badgett, Jr5-2

6Chow Fun(L1)113Coax-x-xLevine6-1

7McGillycuddy's Gal(L)117Tomas3-5-7Ferraro15-1

8Our Day in Court(L)118Lezcano7-6-3Zito12-1

9Dixie Sparkle(L)118Ortiz4-4-3Friedman7-2


Ms. True Way displayed newfound speed in last and rates close call to lead weak field throughout. Bonita Sonata gets favorable cutback to 6 furlongs and could pose serious threat in the stretch. Dixie Sparkle was just half-length behind top selection last time after stumbling at the start; right in the thick of this.


7 Furlongs. 3yo. Fillies. THE ROAD PRINCESS. Purse: $75,000.

1Cubicle Queen(L)117Saez6-1-4Baker20-1

2Secret Union117Alvarado1-5-xMcLaughlin10-1


4Kauai Katie(L)123Castellano1-1-4Pletcher1-9

5Kelli Got Frosty(L)117Velasquez3-2-1Rodriguez8-1

Kauai Katie owns an edge on final figures. Cubicle Queen has trained sharply since being pulled up in February; appears all is well. Kelli Got Frosty is 2-for-2 on the Big A's main track; must consider.


11/16 Miles (Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $55,000.


2Golden Cheetah(L)124Luzzi6-4-3Schettino15-1

3The Lady Says Yes(L)118Maragh2-3-2Brown2-1

4Life's a Stage(L)113Coa3-10-7Lostritto6-1

5Love Is Key Kaz(L)124Camacho, Jr4-8-4Polanco30-1

6Night Reader(L)118Alvarado2-6-6Schwartz15-1

7Roses for Romney118Castellano2-3-6Pletcher5-2

8Miracleonbroadway(L)118Fragoso4-8-8Turner, Jr12-1

9Three Times Bea118Espinozax-x-xWeaver8-1

Main Track Only


Sheedbdawon was an even fourth in first start since six-month layoff last time and could play out as the main speed on tight-turned course. The Lady Says Yes tallied solid final fractions in all three starts and is working with a purpose for first start since November; could easily take this. Roses for Romney was a willing second in lone turf start; logical, short-priced player. Life's a Stage made sustained wide rally when third at 24-1 last out; very tempting.

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