Steve Matthews / August 17 at Saratoga

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Five and One Half Furlongs. (Mellon Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $37,000. Post -- 1 p.m.

1Miss Sweet Afleet(L)117Ortiz, Jr10-2-8Levine10-1

2Guyana Star(L)117Maragh3-6-4Persaud12-1


4My Daughter's Song(L)117Rocco, Jr9-3-4Morse10-1

5Proud Siren(L)121Jimenez8-7-3Granville30-1

6Ideal Place(L)117Castellano10-1-xBrown3-1

7Heading to Toga(L)117Espinoza10-5-10Schettino5-1

8Tapit to Me(L)121Bridgmohan3-2-3Donato8-1

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9Colorme Kitten(L)117Saez3-3-3Pompay6-1

10Fantastic Eyes(L)117Velasquez8-6-3Aquilino8-1

Main Track Only

11Sharon Spagetti(L)117No Rider7-7-3Rodriguez5-2

Fantastic Eyes drops and should pack amplified kick with cutback to sprint. Heading to Toga is a front-running threat on best. My Daughter's Song owns speed and moves to turf.


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Six and One Half Furlongs. 2yo. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $80,000.


2Strong Mandate(L)119Ortiz5-x-xLukas12-1


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5Long Station119Alvaradox-x-xMcPeek15-1

6Long Water119Rocco, Jrx-x-xMcLaughlin8-1

7Permanent Campaign(L)119Ortiz, Jr2-4-xViolette, Jr6-1

8First Bid(L1)119Castellanox-x-xBrown8-1

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Also Eligible

9Tony B(L1)119Velasquezx-x-xZito6-1

Strong Mandate adds blinkers and fired 5-furlong bullet since debut. Crescent should be aided by today's added ground. Permanent Campaign logged four tight works since game placing in last.


Six Furlongs. 3&up. Maiden Claiming $20,000. NY Bred. Purse: $37,000.

1John Silver(L1)123Alvaradox-x-xWeaver5-1

2Saguaro Blossom(L)123Lezcano10-12-4Persaud30-1

3Pete and David(L)119Maragh11-7-10Levine4-1

4Woburn119Rocco, Jr4-4-2Dunham10-1

5My Italian Ices(L)119Ortiz5-x-xServis9-2

6Ocala Jim(L)119Castellano5-9-xLevine2-1

7My Teddy Bear(L)119Ortiz, Jr6-6-6Sciacca15-1

8Bring the Truth(L)119Luzzi7-5-xScott20-1

9G W's Hammer(L)119Espinoza2-6-12Hertler6-1

Ocala Jim is training strongly and takes potent class drop. G W's Hammer was a clear-cut second in last. John Silver debuts for white-hot George Weaver barn.


One Mile and One Eighth. 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $87,000.


2Magic Harbor(L)121Rocco, Jr3-6-2Rodriguez8-1

3Golden Lad(L)117Castellano1-5-xPletcher7-2

4Kid Sidney(L)121Saez3-7-5Morse12-1

5Third Knight(L)117Alvarado9-5-1Mott10-1

6Sliver and Onions(L)117Velasquez1-2-2Hushion3-1

7The Best Glacier(L)121Lezcano2-6-2Rodriguez8-1

8Indy's Illusion(L)117Ortiz, Jr7-9-2Tagg5-1

9Midnight Taboo(L)117Velazquez4-12-2Pletcher9-2

Ea should have ample stamina after strong second at two-mile trip last time. Magic Harbor is training with a purpose for first start since May. Indy's Illusion needed last and stretches to suitably longer distance.


One Mile and One Sixteenth. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $40,000.

1Minnie Punt(L)121Velasquez6-8-6Jacobson4-1

2Wayward Sailor(L)121Ortiz12-6-2Gargan12-1

3Perfect Footprint121Espinoza7-8-1DiSanto30-1



6Thunder Brew(L)121Rocco, Jr3-8-2Pecoraro6-1



9Westside Corral(L)121Castellano5-6-5Galluscio3-1


11Livingston Street(L)121Velazquez4-3-4Trombetta7-2

12Yankee Fourtune(L)121Ortiz, Jr8-4-5Servis10-1

Also Eligible

13In My Eyes(L)121Velazquez8-8-4Matz20-1

14Sky Blue Pink(L)121Ortiz, Jr5-6-2Baker30-1


Main Track Only

16St Liams Halo(L)121Espinoza7-6-4Cannizzo5-2

Fizzano was pace and trip compromised in last. Livingston Street owns speed and fast figs. Minnie Punt packs potent late punch on 'A' game.


Five and One Half Furlongs. (Mellon Turf). Allowance. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $72,000.

1Sandy'z Slew(L)117Velasquez7-4-1Schosberg15-1

2Iron Power(L)117Lezcano6-1-5Hushion6-1


4Ludo Bagman(L)121Bridgmohan9-2-8Englehart20-1

5River Tune(L)121Castellano4-7-2Asmussen4-1

6The Big Deluxe(L)117Ortiz1-11-6Englehart8-1

7Stoneless(L)117Rocco, Jr10-2-5Levine10-1

8Lord of Love(L)121Ortiz, Jr4-5-5Hertler12-1

9Ginger's Joe(L)121Lezcano4-3-7Held30-1

10Greeley Pack(L)121Luzzi1-3-2Feron12-1

11Half Wildcat(L)117Saez7-7-10Hertler30-1

12Dark Roast(L)117Maragh3-9-1Cash9-2

Main Track Only

13Dr Figawi(L)117No Rider5-1-xWeaver8-5

14Sirtori(L)121No Rider7-2-1D'Alessndro8-1

15Luxury Appeal(L)121Ortiz12-1-5Gullo5-1

Sandy'z Slew projects as the main speed in turf debut. Countknickerbocker was a willing second in last. Dark Roast also closes strongly and was just nose behind 'Count' in last.


One Mile and One Sixteenth. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Purse: $70,000.


2Vinny Goodtimes(L)117Ortiz, Jr1-2-xQuick20-1

3Liquidity Trap(L)121Alvarado2-1-4Jacobson9-2


5Lawyer Jim(L)121Lezcano8-1-3Lewis10-1

6Gold Megillah(L)121Castellano4-4-4Maker7-2

7Virginia Colony(L)121Rocco, Jr3-4-1Capuano20-1


9Wind of Bosphorus(L)117Ortiz5-1-5Asmussen6-1

10Velvet Cap(L)117Bridgmohan2-6-1Schosberg15-1

11Jasper Lake(L)117Velazquez1-7-6Matz15-1

12Tater Downs(L)121Maragh3-4-1Maker4-1

Liquidity Trap tallied swift final fraction when a hard charging second in last. Abra owns sprinter's speed and will prove tough on an unchallenged lead. Gold Megillah is firing bullets for first start since June.


One Mile and Three Sixteenths. (Mellon Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Purse: $87,000.

1Gamblin Fever(L)121Lezcano1-7-4Metivier30-1

2Ampersand(L)121Lezcano5-3-7Violette, Jr4-1

3Lure of the South(L)121Velasquez4-6-5Brown20-1


5Now and Then(L)117Ortiz, Jr3-5-3McLaughlin7-2

6Royal Blessing(L)121Saez4-1-1Albertrani4-1

7Hailstone(L)121Rocco, Jr8-3-4Ribaudo6-1

8Master Wesley(L)121Castellano2-6-4Romans5-1

9Lead Singer(L)117Maragh5-5-7Kimmel12-1

10Kathy's Kitten(L)121Rodriguez2-1-1McMahon6-1

Ampersand was victimized by poor start in last. Kathy's Kitten delivers strong efforts with machine-like consistency. Royal Blessing was compromised by wide trip in most recent.


One Mile and One Half. (Inner Turf). The SWORD DANCER INVITATIONAL (Grade I). 3&up. Purse: $600,000.

2Star Channel(L)116Ortiz5-1-6Toscano, Jr30-1

1Big Blue Kitten(L)123Bravo1-2-1Brown4-1

3Teaks North(L)116Saez2-1-6Nevin8-1

4Twilight Eclipse(L)120Castellano2-5-1Albertrani5-1

1aStormy Lord(L)116Bridgmohan1-10-10Maker4-1


6Al Khali(L)116Rocco, Jr6-7-5Mott10-1

7Tahoe Lake(L)116Maragh4-5-4Carwood30-1


9Exclusive Strike(L)116Ortiz, Jr3-1-1Servis15-1

10Boisterous(L)123Velazquez1-1-2McGaughey III5-2

11London Lane(L)118Karamanos1-6-7Murray20-1


Boisterous is riding a two-race winning streak and owns fast late pace figures. Big Blue Kitten visually impressed when winning UN Stakes last out. Optimizer is right in the thick of this on 'A' game.


One Mile and One Quarter. The ALABAMA (Grade I). 3yo.

Fillies. Purse: $600,000.

1Tell a Great Story(L)121Lezcano3-1-1Correas, IV12-1

2Montana Native(L)121Alvarado1-1-6McPeek10-1

3Galloping Giraffe(L)121Maragh2-1-5Pletcher20-1

4Princess of Sylmar(L)121Castellano1-1-2Pletcher3-5

5Carnival Court(L1)121Ortiz, Jr1-1-6McLaughlin15-1


Princess of Sylmar was dominant winner of CCA Oaks last time and owns edge on final figures. Fiftyshadesofhay owns favorable stalker's style and is training strongly for Spa debut. Montana Native is riding a two-race winning streak; gets tested for class today.


One Mile and One Sixteenth. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Maiden Claiming $25,000. Purse: $41,000.

1Sunny Coast(L)119Espinoza6-6-7Schosberg30-1


3Uproarious George(L)119Falk5-5-5Falk30-1

4Omos Journey(L)119Velasquez7-4-6Miranda15-1


6Ryvit(L)123Bridgmohan5-2-5Kingsley, Jr6-1

7Let the Cat Out(L)119Maragh6-8-11Albertrani15-1

8Jade Master(L1)119Ortizx-x-xEnglehart15-1

9So Outspoken(L)119Velazquez2-7-9Pletcher5-2

10Fiddlers Tango(L)119Ortiz, Jr11-10-8Antonucci20-1


12Tiu(L)119Rocco, Jr5-3-4Arnold, II3-1

Also Eligible

13Horse Latitudes(L)119Saez5-6-3Hertler4-1

14Slick Daddy(L1)123Bridgmohanx-x-xReynolds15-1

Main Track Only

15Privatize(L)119No Rider5-6-6Gyarmati7-2

Tiu tallied swift late pace figure in last. Ryvit owns fast figures on best efforts and now makes third start of form cycle. Omos Journey should be tighter in second start since eight-month layoff.


7 Furlongs. Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $70,000.

1King Wando(L)119Rocco, Jr3-8-xRibaudo8-1

2Jesses Giant Dunk(L)119Espinoza11-x-xTerranova,II20-1

3Native Singer(L)119Castellano2-2-4Galluscio3-1

4Summer Place to Be(L1)119Velasquezx-x-xDutrow6-1



7Mr. G. Zee(L)119Saez2-6-5Schettino12-1

8One Red Cat(L)119Maragh5-8-5Englehart15-1

9Bernardo(L)119Ortiz4-4-3Toscano, Jr10-1

10Shot to Win(L1)119Ortiz, Jrx-x-xSchettino4-1

Chrisandlorisposse is training with a purpose for first start since March. Bernardo packs a potent late kick on best efforts. Native Singer has finished second in last two starts; logical, short-priced player. One Red Cat is fresh and delivered career-best effort in debut; dangerous.

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