Steve Matthews / January tk at Aqueduct

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6 Furlongs. 4&up. Maiden Claiming $50,000. Purse: $40,000.

Post -- 12:25 p.m.

1Team Lazarus(L)121Ortiz, Jr4-2-6Terranova, II5-2

2Tony D(L)121Castellano, Jr2-8-6Cannizzo2-1

3In the Dark(L)121Rodriguez5-4-5Cannizzo4-1

4Green Gratto(L)121Camacho, Jr2-7-12Jones3-1

5Eight Cents(L)114Carson3-x-xDivitto12-1

6Master Jordan(L)121Husbands6-3-10Beech10-1

Tony D was a game second in last and should pack enhanced late kick with cutback to sprint. Green Gratto tallied swift pace and final figs when a clear-cut second in last; very playable. Master Jordan could impact at fat ticket if front-end meltdown ensues.

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6 Furlongs. 3yo. NY Bred. Purse: $52,000.


2Bass River Road(L)120Castro5-1-xRyerson10-1

3Native Hero(L)118Ortiz, Jr4-2-1Barbara6-1


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4Loki's Vengeance(L)120Franco1-2-xHushion9-5

5Sol the Freud(L)118Ortiz2-2-4Cannizzo5-2

6Bourbon Therapy(L)118Cohen6-1-3Jacobson10-1

7Social Rebellion(L)118Velasquez4-6-5Cash15-1

Sidearm logged tough-trip third in last and fired crisp 3-furlong breeze in the interim. Loki's Vengeance exits fast-figured maiden score; dangerous. Sol the Freud owns speed and swift numbers.

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6 Furlongs. 4&up. NY Bred. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $54,000.

1Do I Amuse You(L)118Lezcano5-2-1Donato4-1


3So Scott(L)118Maragh3-5-6Cannizzo9-5

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4I'm Stoked(L)118Franco7-1-4Hushion7-2

5Won Great Classic(L)113Rice1-2-6Rice5-2

6Special Selection(L)118DeCarlo6-6-9Shivmangal20-1

Do I Amuse You makes peak start of form cycle after tallying career best pace figure in last; main speed. So Scott packs potent late kick and will be in the garden spot if top selection hits the wall. Won Great Classic was a game winner in last and has paired up victories in the past.


11/16 Miles. 4&up. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $65,000.

1Winter Games(L)121Ortiz, Jr3-3-5Englehart3-1

2Got the Moves(L)111Davis7-8-9DeMola50-1


4Bred to Boss(L)121Garcia6-5-5Shivmangal15-1

5King of Broadway(L)116Esquivel3-3-3Mott8-5

6Distorted Dream(L)121Cohen2-7-7Englehart6-1

7Cat Man Fu(L)121Studart3-2-4Horton, Jr20-1

Frame made menacing middle move and flattened last time and projects as the controlling speed with blinkers added today. King of Broadway is fresh and owns fast late pace figures; big-time player. Distorted Dream owns speed and fast numbers; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $16,000. Purse: $30,000.

1Coast of Sangria(L)118Franco9-5-4Miceli6-1

2Seven Dreams(L)118Ortiz3-8-6Araya10-1

3Guyana Star(L)118Maragh1-3-4Persaud12-1

4Silver Crush(L)115Esquivel2-1-1Levine3-1

5Taylor Jagger(L)118Ortiz, Jr1-3-1Esler5-2

6Mess in a Dress(L)113Rice6-2-3Sciacca4-1

7Rock Show(L)118Luzzi4-5-8Parker12-1

8C C's Pride(L)118Castro5-4-1Araya8-1

9Promised Mandate(L)111Carson9-5-3Scott30-1

Taylor Jagger overcame plodding fractions and wide trip when a dominant winner in last; more to come. Guyana Star wheels back in a hurry after surging score this past Thursday; dangerous. Mess in a Dress regressed in last after fast-figured placing in prior; rebound potential.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $67,000.

1Lunar Surge(L)120Maragh1-3-2Weaver2-1

2Sally's Dream(L)120Cohen1-2-1Persaud3-1

3Kara's Match Point(L)118Ortiz3-4-8Rice8-1

4Hot Rendezvous(L)118Castro4-1-1Contessa6-1

5Belle Gallantey(L)118Ortiz, Jr4-3-1Rodriguez4-1

6Madre Ditutticapi(L)118Garcia4-2-4Antonucci10-1

7Eta Carinae(L)118Franco1-x-xDomino15-1

8Holiday's Jewel(L)118Morales6-3-1Friedman20-1

Eta Carinae was a front-running winner in debut and could capitalize on unchallenged lead once again. Lunar Surge made late surge to post fast-figured victory on Thursday; very playable. Sally's Dream, another last-race winner, owns swift numbers; dangerous.


11/16 Miles. 4&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $69,000.

1Snake Pit(L)118Castellano, Jr2-3-7Brown7-2

2Sliver and Onions(L)118Franco5-1-3Hushion2-1

3Balance of Power(L)118Cohen1-6-9Jacobson5-1


5Irsaal(L)118Ortiz, Jr5-3-1McLaughlin5-1

6Two Is to Many(L)118Ortiz3-8-2Galluscio4-1

7Sky Blue Mongolia(L)120Lopez1-4-3Farro12-1


8Vinny Goodtimes(L)118Maragh9-6-1Quick30-1

Two Is to Many is speedy but was a touch short in last and should be tighter in second start since two-month absence. Dawly notched rapid final fraction when second in key race last time; very playable. Balance of Power was a much-the-best winner in last and now makes first start for DAS/Jacobson; right in the thick of this.


6 Furlongs. 3yo. THE JIMMY WINKFIELD. Purse: $100,000.

1Eye Luv Lulu(L)118Teator1-1-4Martin6-1

2Pax Orbis(L)118Boyce1-3-1Tullock, Jr8-1

3Oliver Zip(L)116Maragh2-1-xBreen3-1


5Cavu(L1)116Ortiz, Jr1-3-xMcLaughlin5-1

6Hot Heir Skier(L)116Ortiz1-2-xPerkins, Jr5-2

7Alex Inc(L)116Bisono1-2-5Reid, Jr12-1


Hot Heir Skier tallied improved final fraction when a hand-ridden maiden winner in last at Lrl; close call in contentious Jimmy Winkfield. Oliver Zip has logged swift numbers in both starts; dangerous. Charleymillionaire is rested and owns fast figures; must consider.


6 Furlongs. 3yo. Maiden Claiming $16,000. Purse: $23,000.

1Television Too(L)113Zayas6-9-3Ferraro8-1

2Johnny Star(L)120Castro7-8-xHinds20-1

3Pass the Coffee(L1)120Arroyox-x-xZito6-1


5Grace's Honor(L1)120Chenx-x-xPersaud15-1

6Brilliant Einstein(L1)120Studartx-x-xPersaud12-1

7Gabriel's Flame(L)120Franco6-5-7Ryerson3-1

8Cuckoo House(L)120Maragh5-4-5Chatterpaul7-2

Television Too is riding a forward line on the numbers and could be sitting on breakthrough in third start of form cycle. Cuckoo House returns to maiden ranks and barn reaches for go-to rider upgrade; very interesting. Gabriel's Flame drops to lifetime low and adds blinkers; wakeup potential. Pass the Coffee compiled consistent work tab for first start; follow the money.

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