Steve Matthews / July 13 at Belmont

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5 1/2 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $28,000. Post -- 1:05 p.m.

1Precious Franca(L)117Rodriguez6-5-2Grusmark8-1

2Little Gabby Girl(L)119Castellano1-5-10Brown7-2

3La Bella Chabella(L)117Rosario9-4-4Levine3-1

4Blue Sixty Four(L)122Espinoza5-4-6O'Brien12-1

5Sharpandwitty(L)124Ortiz, Jr1-4-11Morrison6-1

6Proud Siren(L)122Lezcano3-2-7Granville12-1


Concealed was a clear-cut maiden winner in last and owns foundation on the final figures. Precious Franca drops, returns to dirt and owns fast final numbers. Proud Siren makes peak start of form cycle.

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6 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). Claiming $16,000. 3&up. Purse: $28,000.

1Raffie's Star(L)122Laredo4-3-7Scott30-1


3Out of Your Mind(L)122Saez6-8-10Sciacca20-1


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4Jackin My Style(L)122Jimenez6-7-8Persaud30-1

5Pleasure Principle(L)117Ortiz, Jr10-4-1Breen3-1

6Hoppy Do(L)117Velasquez2-5-1Toscano, Jr10-1

7The Big Deluxe(L)117Ortiz11-6-1Sciacca5-1

8Chics Palace(L)122Lezcano9-11-7Persaud30-1

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9El Corriente(L)122Rodriguez10-4-2Reynolds4-1

10Antone Suavey(L)124Cohen7-1-8Quartarolo8-1


Unprecedented gets class relief and should pack amplified kick with cutback to sprint. Pleasure Principle is speedy and should be tighter in second start since four-month layoff. Chilton is riding a forward line on the numbers.


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1 Mile. Claiming $15,000. 3&up. Purse: $30,000.

1Matt and Jesse(L)122Ortiz8-9-8Ortiz12-1

2Unlimited Power(L)122Alvarado4-8-3Badgett, Jr6-1

3Elder Skatesman(L)122Jimenez9-8-10Allyn50-1

4Classic R and B(L)122Rosario4-3-7Sciacca5-1

5Five Freedoms(L)122Ortiz, Jr5-1-6Bush20-1

6Flatout Royal(L)122Lezcano8-5-5Stoklosa30-1



9Pin Number(L)122Velasquez7-7-1Galluscio10-1

10Dan and Sheila(L)122Saez2-6-5Pompay3-1

11Assured Victory(L)122Castellano4-3-5Brown7-2

Matt and Jesse returns to main track and owns fast late pace figs on best efforts. Classic R and B closes and should be aided by today's longer trip. Dan and Sheila bested a next-out winner when a fast-figured in second in last.


1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Purse: $69,000.

1Another Page(L)117Maragh5-1-1Hennig12-1

2Love Stanza Chance(L)122Castellano3-7-8Albertrani8-1

3Downtown Hottie(L)122Lezcano8-6-1Serpe5-1

4Barrel of Joy(L)122Rosario4-3-1Hertler7-2

5Pure Amour(L)122Velazquez1-1-12Weaver2-1

6Lady's Lunar Luck(L)122Ortiz, Jr2-5-5Kimmel5-2

7Silver Prize(L)122Saez7-4-6Antonucci20-1

Main Track Only

8Hundred Acre Wood(L)122Ortiz, Jr5-5-1Sciacca5-1

Lady's Lunar Luck tallied swift final fraction when a solid second in last. Downtown Hottie lost rider in last but is right in the thick of this on 'A' game. Another Page owns speed and is favorably posted on the hedge on tight-turned course.


7 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $20,000. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $28,000.

1Summer Haasienda(L)119Saez4-3-8Hennig5-1

2Last Run(L)119Castellano5-12-2Brown5-1

3River Monster(L)119Rodriguez3-10-10Nevin8-1


5Wood On the Fire(L1)119Espinoza8-x-xLostritto10-1

6Brass Pear119Laredo12-7-8DeMola30-1

7Mise En Place(L)119Lezcano3-9-xAntonucci15-1

8Tail Risk(L)119Rosario11-3-6Violette, Jr5-2

9Stop Sign(L)119Ortiz, Jr2-x-xBreen2-1

Summer Haasienda was pace and trip compromised when fourth as the favorite in last. Tail Risk is fresh and drops to lifetime low; very dangerous. Stop Sign displayed nice turn of early foot when a clear-cut second in debut.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $62,000.

1In My Eyes(L)122Lezcano8-4-9Matz8-1

2Suilleabhain(L)122Ortiz, Jr1-6-5Sciacca12-1

3River Tune(L)122Castellano7-2-7Asmussen7-2

4Dark Roast(L)117Maragh1-3-3Cash15-1

5Sky Blue Pink(L)122Espinoza6-2-8Baker10-1

6Master Cip(L)122Rosario3-2-4Nevin3-1

7Frisky Cat(L)122Alvarado5-1-3Kelly20-1

8Northern Tripp(L)122Velasquez3-2-6Ryerson20-1



11Meet the Mets(L)117Ortiz10-6-8Brown6-1

Main Track Only

12Joe Mooch(L)117Lezcano1-8-2Albertrani8-1

13Charlie's Punch(L)122Saez6-3-1Ness7-2

Sky Blue Pink regressed last time after fast-figured placing in prior; rebounds today. Suilleabhain overcame slow fractions to win last; big-time player. Master Cip owns fast dirt figures and is bred to handle switch to sod. Dreamsgonewild logged only lifetime win on Belmont grass.


1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf). The SOLAR SPLENDOR. 3yo. Purse: $100,000.

1Balance the Books(L)122Rosario6-11-3Brown7-2


3North Slope(L)118Saez1-3-8McLaughlin5-1

4Capo Bastone(L)118Lezcano7-2-9Pletcher10-1

5Noble Tune(L)122Castellano5-1-1Brown5-2

6Front(L)118Ortiz, Jr1-1-7Jerkens20-1


8English Minister(L)118Cohen3-3-4Small20-1


North Slope bested two next-out winners when a clear-cut maiden victor in last; more to come. Noble Tune owns fast late pace and final figures; very dangerous. Notacatbutallama overcame tough post to win Hill Prince last time; big-time threat.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). Claiming $20,000. 3&up. Purse: $33,000.


2Fly Ride(L)122Lezcano2-1-12Serpe6-1

3Core Inflation(L)122Rodriguez9-7-1Persaud30-1

4Here Comes Drz(L)122Maragh1-1-7Brown20-1

5Thunder Brew(L)122Velasquez8-2-6Pecoraro4-1

6Evacuation Route(L)122Cohen4-8-5Gargan20-1

7Hollywood Script(L)122Ortiz7-2-1Contessa5-1

8Political Justice(L)122Espinoza4-4-4Araya20-1

9Mississippi Duel(L)122Castellano1-7-5Romans3-1

10Luigi P122Lezcano3-9-7Bizelia30-1

11Best Actor(L)122Saez5-9-3Toscano, Jr5-1

12Dangerous Lad(L)122Ortiz, Jr8-3-6Weaver12-1

Also Eligible


Main Track Only

14Laysh Laysh Laysh(L)122Saez2-4-3Ness3-1

15Reserved Quality(L)122No Rider8-4-6Gyarmati4-1

16Poised to a Tee(L)122No Rider2-1-3Reynolds5-2

Evacuation Route was pace and position compromised in last; rates call based on price potential. Best Actor was an even fifth versus pricier field last time and owns fast back numbers. Thunder Brew was dull in last after fast-figured placing in prior; bounce back potential. Mississippi Duel is 1-for-1 on Belmont turf; don't ignore.


1 3/8 Mile. (Inner Turf). The MAN o' WAR (Grade I). 3&up. Purse: $600,000.


2Speaking of Which(L)116Lezcano1-6-14Clement12-1

3Folk Singer(L)116Espinoza4-1-2Chatterpaul30-1

4Twilight Eclipse(L)120Castellano5-1-4Albertrani9-2

5Finnegans Wake(L)116Saez4-3-7Romans10-1

6Boisterous(L)120Velazquez1-2-2McGaughey III9-5

7Al Khali(L)116Alvarado7-5-1Mott10-1

8Exclusive Strike(L)116Ortiz, Jr1-1-2Servis12-1

Boisterous tallied rapid final fraction when winning last and owns three wins at marathon distances. Al Khali is rested, training with a purpose and packs potent late kick on best. Optimizer was a hard-fought second in Manhattan Handicap last out; very dangerous.


5 1/2 Furlongs. Claiming $15,000. 3&up. Purse: $30,000.

1Top Yank(L)122Lezcano8-10-9Chatterpaul30-1

2Black Rhino(L)122Velasquez5-10-9Heffner8-1

3Don't Rock Me(L)122Cohen8-7-8Jacobson6-1

4Flo's Greatness(L)122Espinoza6-5-1Iselin10-1

5Crown the Chief(L)122Saez5-2-3Sciacca4-1

6Good Feng Shui(L)122Maragh9-3-1Pecoraro5-1

7Little Wyatt(L)122Alvarado5-6-5Kenneally10-1

8Regal Strike(L)122Ortiz, Jr5-5-6Gullo10-1

9Tatao's Widcat(L)122Rodriguez7-7-1Chatterpaul30-1

10Swiss Tart(L)122Castellano3-4-4Servis3-1

11Starship Captain(L)122Ortiz3-6-5Grusmark20-1

Regal Strike makes first start since claimed by Gary Gullo and owns stalker's style that should be well served in wide-open dash. Crown the Chief drops and owns speed and fast figures. Starship Captain set hot fractions in last; dangerous. Swiss Tart makes third start of form cycle; right in the thick of this.


1 1/16 Mile. (Widener Turf). Maiden Claiming $20,000. 3&up. Purse: $29,000.

1Unbridled Band(L)119Alvarado3-7-5Ryerson5-1

2Solo Approach(L)124Ortiz5-6-4Tarrant8-1


4Right Now(L)124Rodriguez10-5-3Badgett, Jr30-1

5Sunny Coast(L)119Espinoza6-6-7Schosberg20-1

6A. M. Mayhem(L)119Maragh5-3-5Brown15-1


8Harry Consolidator(L)124Richards7-10-7Shivmangal50-1

9Fiddlers Chico(L)124Castellano5-3-3Antonucci4-1

10Ballymurphy124Ortiz, Jr2-4-xBreen5-2

11Ocean Storm(L)124Jimenez4-9-8Reiff10-1

12Joey N(L)119Lezcano4-2-7Magee20-1

Also Eligible

13Acadian Connection(L)119Maragh11-2-6Orseno8-1

14Bill of Rights(L)124Ortiz9-5-6Asmussen6-1

Main Track Only


16Sunnyinseabrook(L)119No Rider2-5-8Gyarmati5-1

Solo Approach is favorably posted in big field and owns swift late pace figures on best efforts. Freight owns sprinter's speed and could play out as the dominant front-runner. Fiddlers Chico is riding a forward line on the numbers. Bill of Rightsmust be factored into the mix if able to escape AE list.Entries -- 2013 Equibase Company LLC, all rights reserved

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