Steve Matthews / July 6 at Belmont

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11/16 Mile. (Widener Turf). Allowance. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $67,000. Post -- 1:05 p.m.

1Mr Cowboy(L)122Velazquez6-4-4Bond7-2

2Jade Run(L)122Solis9-1-2Domino15-1

3Barnards Galaxy(L)122Velasquez2-1-4Lezell5-1


5Papa Freud(L)122Lezcano3-7-1Toscano, Jr3-1

6Hepatologist(L)122Ortiz, Jr6-4-1Servis8-1

7Status of Forces(L)122Prado9-7-1Torelli20-1

8Call Up the Chief(L)122Rodriguez9-6-3Toscano, Jr20-1

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Main Track Only

9M P Joe(L)122Velasquez1-5-3Chin8-1

10Ego Friendly(L)117Maragh4-5-7Kimmel3-1

11Ghostly Vision(L)117Ortiz, Jr2-7-4Schettino9-5

12Saturday Appeal(L)117No Rider1-8-8Schosberg12-1


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Mr Cowboy makes peak start of form cycle and owns fast late pace figs on best. Barnards Galaxy holds sharp current condition and fired half-mile bullet on Monday. Papa Freud earned improved final fraction when third in last.


1 Mile. Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. Purse: $75,000.

2Let the Cat Out(L)119Albarado11-x-xAlbertrani15-1

1Lochte(L1)119Ortiz, Jr7-7-xMcLaughlin4-1

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6Sliver and Onions(L)119Velasquez2-x-xHushion9-5

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7Supreme Commander(L1)119Alvaradox-x-xShirreffs8-1

Sliver and Onions was second to a repeat winner in debut. Lochte gets Lasix and should move forward in second start since April. Easement fired 5-furlong bullet since late-running third first time out.


1 Mile. Allowance. 3&up. Purse: $77,000.

1Drink With Pride(L)122Ortiz1-3-4Gargan8-1

2So Scott(L)122Castellano4-2-3Jacobson5-2

3Bad Hombre(L)117Alvarado2-1-2Kimmel3-1


5Nevada Kid(L)122Velazquez1-2-2Zito7-2

6Cap the Moment122Rodriguez6-6-5Smith30-1

7Valid117Ortiz, Jr7-1-9McLaughlin7-2

Nevada Kid tallied swift pace and final numbers when a convincing winner in last. So Scott will be in the garden spot if pace meltdown ensues. Bad Hombre has trained sharply since clear-cut second last time.


1 1/4 Mile. (Inner Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Purse: $79,000.

1Arc Above(L)122Velazquez1-2-4Clement12-1


3Eternal Ruler(L)122Maragh4-2-2Ribaudo8-1

4Star Channel(L)124Castellano6-1-2Pletcher3-1

5Shkspeare Shaliyah(L)122Espinoza6-5-8Shivmangal20-1

6Tricky Hat(L)122Velasquez3-9-6McGaughey III8-1

7Spy in the Sky(L)122Cohen7-6-2Day15-1

8Tiz Gianni(L)122Solis3-6-1Shirreffs4-1

9Which Market(L)122Prado1-8-6Contessa12-1

10Side Road(L)122Ortiz, Jr7-2-1McLaughlin7-2

11Wayward Sailor(L)122Ortiz2-4-4Gargan30-1

Main Track Only

12Speightscity(L)122Ortiz, Jr7-3-4Contessa6-1

13Keep Me Informed(L)122No Rider4-1-3Toscano, Jr3-1

14Don Dulce(L)122Espinoza1-6-9Ness5-2


16Most Happy Fella(L)122No Rider6-1-4Schosberg10-1

Tricky Hat is rested and bred to handle 10-furlong trip. Star Channel gets class relief and was a winner this level and distance two starts back. Which Market owns two wins from three starts on Belmont turf; worth long look.


1 1/16 Mile. (Widener Turf). Claiming $25,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $41,000.


3Chick in Slacks(L)122Solis2-5-7Turner, Jr8-1

4Stella Girl(L)122Ortiz9-1-4Friedman5-1

1House On Toilsome(L)122Maragh7-2-3Reynolds6-1

5Rock On Baby(L)122Alvarado3-4-1Klesaris5-2

6Beautiful Risk(L)122Espinoza5-6-2Badgett, Jr15-1



1aShe Drives Me Wild(L)122Lezcano7-3-5Metivier6-1

9G. A. Empress(L)122Albarado8-2-6Arriaga20-1

Main Track Only

10Mrs. Calabash(L)122Ortiz, Jr1-6-2Galluscio3-1

Centrina drops after pace and position compromised in last. Rock On Baby is 2-for-2 on Belmont sod; very dangerous. Stella Girl can prove a very tough customer on a soft lead.


6 1/2 Furlongs. Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. Purse: $70,000.

1Street Prince(L)119Espinoza2-x-xPersaud15-1

2Malibu Master(L1)119Alvaradox-x-xSerpe8-1

3Tiz for Tat(L)119Albarado2-4-xNicks4-1

4Southern Safari124Lezcanox-x-xJerkens20-1

5Regal Ruler(L1)119Ortizx-x-xGyarmati15-1

6Perfect Danger(L)119Cohen4-6-4Reiff30-1

7Siete C(L1)119Velazquezx-x-xPletcher5-1

8General Pico119Ortiz, Jr8-x-xAlbertrani15-1

9Mentor Cane(L)119Prado3-2-xShirreffs7-2

10Joe Can Gallop119Maraghx-x-xWeaver20-1

11Mr. O'Leary(L)119Castellano3-x-xClement3-1

Tiz for Tat logged solid final fraction when second on this surface last fall. Mentor Cane is speedy and compiled eye-catching work tab for local debut. Siete C makes first start for Pletcher; need more?


6 Furlongs. Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Purse: $74,000.

1Real Estate(L)122Solis1-2-8Jerkens15-1

2Western Prospector(L)122Kornmeyer8-3-1Markgraf10-1

3Wild Target(L)122Ortiz, Jr9-8-2Kenneally6-1

4Mop Head(L)122Maragh4-3-3Servis8-1


6Make a Fortune(L)122Alvarado3-2-2Jacobson3-1

7Ground Force(L)122Ortiz4-1-5Servis4-1

8He's So Chic(L)122Castellano3-1-4Levine7-2

9Capetown Devil(L)122Velasquez9-1-1Englehart12-1

He's So Chic makes first start since claimed by Bruce Levine and packs potent late kick on 'A' game. Western Prospector is firing bullets for first start in more than a year; dangerous. Ground Force is more than good enough on best efforts. Wild Target makes third start of form cycle.


1 Mile & 1 Eighth. The SUBURBAN (Grade II). 3&up. Purse: $350,000.

1Alpha(L)118Ortiz, Jr5-12-12McLaughlin5-1


3Last Gunfighter(L)118Castellano1-1-1Brown2-1

4Flat Out(L)119Alvarado3-1-5Mott1-1

5Fast Falcon(L)115Velasquez3-2-2Zito10-1

Last Gunfighter hasn't taken a backward step on the numbers since spring of 2012; more to come. Flat Out is 4-for-5 at Belmont; big-time player. Percussion could play out as the controlling speed.


1 1/16 Mile. The DWYER (Grade II). 3yo. Purse: $200,000.



3Saint Vigeur(L)116Castellano2-1-1Brown4-1

4For Greater Glory(L)116Albarado2-6-6Hobby5-1

5Make Your Move(L)116Ortiz, Jr1-5-1McLaughlin10-1


Saint Vigeur is fresh and owns tactical speed in compact Dwyer field. Battier always delivers solid efforts and logged four tight works since third in last. Moreno was a front-running winner in last and may play out as the main speed once again.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $30,000

1Stealth Steed(L)122Richards11-3-9Pringle30-1

2Spirit of Peace(L)117Solis3-8-1Miceli15-1

3Antone Suavey(L)122Ortiz1-8-6Quartarolo12-1

4Elusive Son(L)119Cohen1-x-xClement4-1

5Discreet Code(L)122Rodriguez1-2-3Levine12-1

6Sense of Peace(L)122Ortiz, Jr4-7-1Kimmel6-1

7Smiling Bob(L)117Maragh5-4-7Pompay6-1

8Chics Palace(L)122Espinoza11-7-8Persaud30-1

9A. F. Hennessey(L)122Prado6-3-1Gullo10-1


11Ginger's Joe(L)122Lezcano3-7-4Held20-1

12El Corriente(L)122Castellano4-2-3Reynolds3-1

Main Track Only

13August Osage(L)122No Rider5-2-6Rodriguez6-5

14Kevin Silverlaspia(L)122Maragh5-3-4Shivmangal12-1

Bundestag finally broke maiden last time at Del and should pack amplified kick with cutback to 7 furlongs. Smiling Bob logged only win on Belmont sod. Antone Suavey surged late to win last and added furlong should suit. El Corriente should be aided by turnback in distance.


1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf). Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $65,000.

2Here Comes Tommy(L)119Solis2-4-4Morrison6-1

3Disaster Relief(L1)119Ortiz8-x-xServis15-1

4Jack's R Wild(L)124Jimenez9-7-6Davis30-1

5Hidden Vow(L)124Maragh4-6-7Quick10-1

6Professor Chaos(L)124Rodriguez5-4-9Metivier12-1


8Eleven Bravo(L)119Espinoza5-x-xBush12-1


10Birchwood Road(L)119Prado4-4-3Penna, Jr4-1

11Brass Pear119Lezcano7-8-8DeMola30-1

12Shortcoming(L)119Velasquez9-4-4Badgett, Jr15-1

1Grahamandwithers(L)119Ortiz, Jr3-3-6Schettino7-2

Also Eligible

13Go Forrest Go(L)119Prado10-7-xBrown30-1


1aCielo Soleggiato(L)119Ortiz6-9-2Schettino7-2

Disaster Relief gets Lasix in first start since moving to Jason Servis barn; wakeup predicted. Hidden Vow notched eye-catching work slate for first start in 168 days; very playable. Collaborator adds blinkers and moves to grass with strong turf pedigree; dangerous. Birchwood Road compiled tight work tab for first start since October.

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