Steve Matthews / March 3 at Aqueduct

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6 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $25,000. 3yo. NY Bred. Purse: $30,000. Post -- 12:50 p.m.

1You Tarzan(L)120Velasquez5-x-xServis7-2


3Joe Alan(L1)120Silverax-x-xZito10-1

4Sun Catcher(L1)115Ortizx-x-xTrombetta3-1

5G W's Hammer(L)115Coa6-5-4Hertler6-1

6Imaginary Island(L)120Castro5-3-7Lauer5-2

7Shock Me Kaz(L1)120Hillx-x-xKazamias5-1

Imaginary Island exits fast heat and returns to maiden claiming ranks. G W's Hammer wheels back in a hurry after wide trip last week; dangerous. Sun Catcher hails from potent first-out stable; must consider.

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1 Mile & 70 Yards. Allowance Optional Claiming. 4&up. NY Bred. Purse: $59,000.

1Star of New York(L)118Hill9-5-5Quick20-1

2Fortitude(L)118Ortiz, Jr5-1-8Schosberg20-1



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4Most Happy Fella(L)118Morales2-5-1Ness6-1

5Cap the Moment111Tomas3-4-7Smith15-1

6Went the Day Well(L)118Alvarado10-4-1Motion1-4

Windafull took backward step in last but projects as the main speed on 'A' game. Went the Day Well is training very well for first start since last year's Preakness; obviously could romp. Cap the Moment could land in exotics if pace meltdown ensues.


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6 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $35,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Purse: $35,000


2Hidalgo Legacy(L)111Ortiz2-2-3Guerrero2-1

3Dizzy Disco Diva(L1)116Silverax-x-xD'Alessandro20-1

4Shake Senora(L1)116Maragh6-5-9Brown5-1

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5Red Hook(L)116Luzzi4-4-4Schettino3-1

6City Tune(L)116Rodriguez6-6-xPersaud15-1

7Imanativenewyorker(L)116Ortiz, Jr2-7-2Jerkens8-1

8Desert Traveler(L)111Coa3-3-5Badgett, Jr4-1

Shake Senora gets the meds in return from helpful freshener; set for best. Hidalgo Legacy logged stubborn seconds in last two; dangerous. Desert Traveler is riding a forward line on the numbers; big-time player. Red Hook has failed as the favorite in all three starts; your move.


1 Mile. Claiming $12,500. 3&up. Purse: $23,000.

1Signor Martini(L)121Velasquez4-8-3Parisella5-2

2Primal Gold(L)114Morales6-8-5Antonucci12-1

3Kevin Silverlaspia(L)121Silvera3-9-7Shivmangal15-1

4Hope Still Springs(L)121Maragh4-3-4Brown2-1


6Ess Shape(L)114Rodriguez8-5-8Reynolds15-1

7Winter Now(L)116Coa7-5-7Contessa4-1

8Closing Date(L)116Hill1-7-xCanani10-1

Wildhaassseee had tough trip in last but projects as the main speed with aggressive ride today. Signor Martini drops to lifetime low in first start for John Parisella; very playable. Hope Still Springs looms the prime beneficiary if pace gets hot and hectic.


6 Furlongs. Claiming $20,000. 4&up. Purse: $31,000.


2Greeley's Law(L)118Luzzi6-5-4DiSanto20-1

3Decisive Move(L)113Coa4-4-1Rice2-1

4Buckeye Heart(L)113Ortiz1-3-7Barker6-1

5Devoted Wildcat(L)118Hill5-5-5O'Brien12-1



8Elusive Story(L)118Ortiz, Jr4-6-10Reynolds8-1

1aRoman Invasion(L)118Alvarado3-7-6Jacobson5-2

Devoted Wildcat sheds the blinkers and makes peak start of form cycle and could be primed for breakthrough at fat ticket. Buckeye Heart won last and now makes first start since claimed by Ed Barker; very playable. Convocation owns fast back figs but continues to plunge in price; mixed message. Decisive Move is speedy and rested; don't dismiss.


6 Furlongs. Claiming $12,500. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $22,000.

2Awesome Island(L)113Rodriguez3-6-1Coronel12-1

3Shes Tuff as Nails(L)113Tomas5-7-7Kettell50-1

4Proud Siren(L)120Camacho, Jr2-4-2Ortiz10-1

5City Kiss(L)115Ortiz4-4-1Rodriguez5-2

6Proud Dame(L)120Lezcano6-7-8Galluscio20-1

1Lucy Stragmore(L)120Castro9-3-3Gonzalez8-1


8Heathers Prayer(L)120Perez2-4-1Brown8-1

1aProud Parent(L)123Maragh5-1-2Gonzalez8-1


10Bird Fu(L)123Ortiz, Jr5-1-4Persaud5-1

Proud Parent makes peak start of form cycle and should pack amplified kick with cutback to sprint; call based on price potential. Bluegrassislegal was a front-running winner in last ad could play out as the controlling speed once again. Proud Siren was a clear-cut second behind a runaway winner in last; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. Allowance Optional Claiming. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $67,000.

1Quite a Feat(L)111Rodriguez6-6-4Ortiz20-1

2Lily Lynn(L)118Velasquez1-4-2Parisella4-1

3Flashy in Pink(L)118Ortiz, Jr2-1-1Servis3-1

4Belle Gallantey(L)118Perez4-2-4Grusmark6-1

5My Unbridled Storm(L)118Silvera7-1-5Rojas20-1


7Coast of Sangria(L)113Coa5-5-1Miceli8-1

8Mess in a Dress(L)118Camacho, Jr2-3-6Sciacca15-1


Swakopmund bounced in last after hard-fought score in prior; rebounds. Flashy in Pink is speedy and lost head bob to top selection on Jan. 17; could easily take this. Quite a Feat drops after regressing in most recent; exotics player at juicy number.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. The BERU. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $75,000.

1Girl Code(L)118Cohen1-2-4Gargan10-1

2Miss Da Point(L)120Maragh1-1-4Toscano, Jr12-1

3Horsin' Around(L)118Ortiz, Jr4-2-1Hushion6-1

4Grand Mere(L)118Alvarado1-1-2Rodriguez5-1

5Kelli Got Frosty(L)120Velasquez2-1-1Rodriguez7-5

6Let Me Entertain U(L1)118Ortiz3-1-7Albertrani5-2


Grand Mere wheels back in a hurry after last-to-first victory on Thursday; more to give. Let Me Entertain U gets Lasix after being victimized by wide trip and soft fractions in Busher; very playable. Girl Code is fleet-footed and starts from the fence; big-time wire-to-wire threat.


5 1/2 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $16,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Purse: $23,000.


3Able's Sister(L)123DeCarlo4-9-5Stoklosa10-1

1aGracie Too(L1)123Davis8-4-6Cosentino3-1

4La Wild Speed(L)111Ortiz9-3-4Nicks4-1

5Night Reader(L1)116Silverax-x-xSchwartz15-1

6Mini Muffin123Camacho, Jr4-x-xPolanco8-1

7Halo City Girl(L)123Lezcano9-9-3Adel30-1

8Wild Siren116Rodriguez9-x-xGoodwin30-1


9Rocky Field116Tomas2-2-7Ryerson5-2

10Bell Notes(L1)123Laredox-x-xQuick20-1

11Galaxy Gal(L)123Maragh3-3-8Chatterpaul8-1

12Imagine Tomorrow(L)118Battula8-5-6Smith30-1

Galaxy Gal earned improved final number when pace and trip compromised in last; rates close call. Sharpandwitty has finished second in last two starts; continues trend? Able's Sister should move forward in second start since seven-month layoff; very interesting. Rocky Field exits a pair of solid placings; right in the thick of this.

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