Steve Matthews / November 14 at Aqueduct

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6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $30,000. Post -- 12:20 p.m.

1Fortheloveof Anna(L)120Alvarado5-8-4Aquilino20-1

2Santorini Moon(L)120Lezcano5-6-8Signore, Jr12-1

3Rough Winter(L)119Prado4-5-4Kelly12-1




7Truly Devoted(L)120Morales7-8-5Quick30-1

8Dear Elizabeth(L)115Ortiz1-5-2Baker10-1

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9Lion Alexandra(L)119Garcia10-5-2Dutrow, Jr7-2

10Lady Gracenote(L)120Castellano3-3-4Servis5-2

11Stellars Theory(L)113Coa2-2-1Galluscio4-1

Santorini Moon drops, owns fast numbers and will offer generous ticket. Dear Elizabeth was a clear-cut winner at this level in last; dangerous. Stellars Theory owns speed and fast figs; right in the thick of this.



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11/16 Miles. (Turf). 2yo. Fillies. Maiden Claiming $35,000. Purse: $37,000.


2It Was All a Dream(L)115Ortiz9-6-5Schettino15-1


4My Four Rewards(L)120Ortiz, Jr10-6-xLostritto30-1

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5West Side Glory(L)120Morales3-7-6Orseno8-1


7Mlle Margaux(L)115Garcia8-x-xFeron30-1



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11Melody Lin120Castro4-x-xWeaver7-2

12Art of Bourbon(L)120Prado6-4-xContessa8-1

Also Eligible


14Easter Child(L)120Dominguez2-4-5Leatherbury6-1

Main Track Only

15High Inflation(L)120No Rider6-8-xViolette, Jr6-1

16Guyana Star(L)120No Rider2-2-xPersaud4-1

Melody Lin logged solid final fraction in debut and gets class relief today. Art of Bourbon displayed improved speed in last and is bred to handle switch to sod. West Side Glory was a change-of-pace third in last and could be aided by added ground.


7 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. THE NEW YORK STALLION SERIES. Purse: $100,000.


2Sunny Desert(L)122Dominguez1-1-1Parisella4-5

3Mah Jong Maddnes(L)116Espinoza4-5-11Morrison20-1


5Lady On the Run(L)124Luzzi3-6-1Morrison9-5

Sunny Desert is riding a four-race winning streak and is training strongly for return from two-month freshener. Haldane cuts back to more manageable distance. Lady on the Run is 1-for-1 at the Big A and would be aided by pace meltdown.


1 Mile. 3&up. Maiden Claiming $16,000. Purse: $26,000.

1Harry Consolidator(L)114Coa8-5-7Shivmangal50-1

2El Dreamer(L)117Garcia4-3-9DiSanto15-1

3Magic Harbor(L)121Lezcano5-6-7Servis9-2

4Brandy's Big Guy(L1)122Montalvox-x-xGoodwin20-1

5Tactical Saenz(L)121Espinoza5-4-3Chatterpaul6-1

6Cherokee Creek121Husbands8-x-xQuiles30-1

7Running Made Easy(L)122Ortiz, Jr10-6-6Younghans50-1

8Praetorian Guard(L)116Ortiz3-9-7Antonucci4-1

9Handy Andy(L)121Silvera4-x-xBadgett, Jr10-1

10Crushin Rock(L)121Rosario4-5-8Levine9-2

11Know This(L)121Lezcano3-8-9Persaud10-1

12Lawyer Jim(L)121Luzzi2-4-5Gyarmati3-1

Tactical Saenz drops to lifetime low and is training with a purpose for first start since March. Crushin Rock was an even fourth in first start since three-month absence; very dangerous. Know This closed strongly in last and should benefit from today's longer trip.


7 Furlongs. 3&up. THE NEW YORK STALLION SERIES. Purse: $100,000.

1Game Token(L)118Castro4-5-9Schosberg8-1



4Dave's Shadow(L)116Montalvo1-4-6Torelli30-1

5Frisky Warrior(L)118Velasquez1-1-1D'Alessandro6-1

6Keltic Fighter(L)118Ortiz, Jr4-10-9Hizo50-1

7Maggie's Hadder(L)116Lezcano1-7-1Galluscio10-1

Sportswriter closed into hot final fraction when a two-move fourth in last. Frisky Warrior has won four in a row at FL and owns a win at the Big A; very playable. Maggie's Hadder compiled a string of endurance building works since fast-figured win in June; dangerous.


6 Furlongs. 2yo. Fillies. NY Bred. Maiden Claiming $50,000. Purse: $40,000.

2Dee Dee's Comet(L)115Ortiz6-x-xRyerson12-1

3Star Black(L)120Lezcano4-5-3Persaud5-1



6Wild Child(L)120Espinoza12-x-xBush15-1

1See See See(L1)120Silverax-x-xAquilino30-1

7T C Lane(L)115Garcia2-4-xContessa3-1

8Too Much Stuff(L)120Montalvo10-x-xAquilino30-1

9Pumpkin Lane(L)120Rosario4-x-xTagg5-1

10Shiksa Goddess120Smithx-x-xMcPeek15-1

11Our Day in Court(L1)120Alvaradox-x-xZito12-1


Also Eligible

13Glassy Aly(L)120Dominguez3-x-xContessa5-1

14Desert Traveler(L)120Ortiz, Jr3-6-xBadgett, Jr6-1


Boldchildsrevenge dons the shades and drops after speed and fade in last; call in wide-open heat. Star Black is riding a forward line on the numbers; worth long look. T C Lane showed major improvement with addition on blinkers last time; could easily take this.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $64,000.

1Our Lady Liberty(L)120Amaro2-2-5Vazquez, Sr.30-1

2Finders Key119Alvarado9-1-5Albertrani4-1

3Cat Ferrad(L)120Velasquez3-1-11Galluscio15-1

4Royal Sighting(L)120Dominguez5-3-5Englehart3-1

5Funky Munky Mama(L)115Ortiz6-6-1Gullo8-1

6Magnificent Mia(L)120Ortiz, Jr1-2-5Englehart5-1


8Natalie Victoria(L)120Velazquez1-4-3Jacobson5-2

Natalie Victoria was an easy winner in last at Suffolk and owns foundation on the final figures. Magnificent Mia owns fast numbers and is 1-for-1 at the Big A; very dangerours. Cat Ferrard could prove very tough as the speed of the speed.


1 Mile. 3&up. NY Bred. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $59,000.

1Bullnose Brick(L)120Montalvo6-1-3Ferraro15-1

2Talk Therapy(L)120Velasquez1-2-2Englehart4-1

3Ali's Winner(L)121Silvera1-3-5Schwartz20-1

4Good Law(L)120Davis5-5-4Proctor15-1


6Writingonthewall(L)120Ortiz, Jr10-8-2Stoklosa8-1

7Roaring Conquest(L)120Dominguez10-2-8Englehart5-2

8Crafty Concorde(L)115Coa8-1-7Ryerson15-1

9What's the Record(L)120Alvarado3-3-3Rice6-1

Writingonthewall is firing bullets for first start since August; swiftest of the swift with aggressive ride. Talk Therapy delivers sharp efforts with machine-like consistency. Roaring Conquest picks up Dominguez and will be aided by return to dirt; very interesting.


11/16 Miles. (Turf). 2yo. NY Bred. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $57,000.

1Ego Friendly(L)115Garcia5-x-xKimmel4-1

2Noosh's Tale115Coa7-10-8Kelly30-1

3Disaster Relief113Tomasx-x-xClement12-1

4Night Editor(L)115Ortiz8-x-xWard6-1

5M Six120Dominguez7-5-xPletcher3-1

6Face the Race(L)120Velazquez7-x-xMatz6-1


8Captain Gaughen(L)120Morales3-5-7Ryerson8-1

9Charity Reins(L1)120Ortiz, Jrx-x-xCooney15-1

10Shortcoming(L)120Silvera8-6-xBadgett, Jr30-1

Main Track Only

11Ten Ed(L)120Castellano8-2-5Hennig3-1


13Ultimate Empire120Rosario3-3-xAlbertrani5-2

14No Nukes(L)120No rider5-6-6Badgett, Jr20-1

15Song of Aspen(L)120Maragh8-8-4Persaud20-1

16Sinistra120No rider6-x-xGrusmark15-1

Ego Friendly logged swift final fraction in debut and should be aided by move to grass. M Six compiled three tight works since last start; must consider. Captain Gaughen runs late in sprints and should benefit from longer trip. Night Editor hails from potent second-out stable; worth long look.

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