Steve Matthews / November 21 at Aqueduct

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Best Bet: ARCTIC MISSILE (9); Best Value: SHE'S A SIZZLER (6)1

6 Furlongs. 2yo. Fillies. Starter Optional Claiming. Purse: $55,000. Post -- 12:20 p.m.

2Forbidden Talent(L)118Santiago7-1-xContessa12-1

3Fast 'n' Firm(L)113Franco1-x-xRyerson12-1


4Chase My Tail(L)118Saez5-8-4Violette, Jr9-2

5My Jimmy Chew Girl(L)118Castellano1-5-xPletcher4-1

1aWith Delite(L)113Esquivel1-x-xJacobson2-1

6Alpaca Fina(L)118Velasquez3-1-xJacobson8-5

Alpaca Fina gets class relief after fast-figured third in last. Foxbeau wheels back in a hurry after clear-cut score last Friday. Fast 'n' Firm overcame slow start to win debut at WO; worth long look at long price.

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1 Mile. 3&up. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $25,000.

1J W Blue(L)115Esquivel2-6-5Jacobson6-1

2Pin Number(L)120Lopez5-7-7Galluscio20-1



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4Rocky World(L)120Teator10-5-5Metivier20-1

5Kings Village(L)120Castro3-10-3Younghans15-1

6Jade Run(L)115Franco9-7-8Domino9-2

7Regal Warrior(L)120Velasquez6-5-2Rodriguez3-1

8Political Justice(L)120Maragh5-6-7Gargan8-1

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Ea drops to lifetime low for DAS/Jacobson; can't bet on or against. J W Blue, also from Jacobson barn, is 1-for-1 on Big A's main track; dangerous. Political Justice could play out as the main speed with aggressive ride.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $25,000.

1Group Therapy(L)113Franco3-4-3Antonucci8-1

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3Jealous(L)115Vargas, Jr7-3-6Legall30-1


5Lady Jarlyn(L)111Zayas5-4-7Persaud20-1


7Start It Up(L)113Esquivel6-3-5Jacobson2-1


Start It Up makes peak start of form cycle after logging career best pace figure last time. Group Therapy closes and could be in the garden spot if front-end meltdown ensues. Rodinia is rested and owns fast final numbers on 'A' game.


11/16 Miles. (Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Claiming $40,000-$35,000. Purse: $44,000.

2Theatre Star(L)120Rosario6-x-xRomans9-2

3All in Favor(L)120Ortiz, Jr5-7-4Goldberg10-1

4Bitty Kitty115Esquivel10-6-9Duggan15-1

5Sundae School(L)120Saez3-8-5Terranova4-1

6Malibu Queen(L)120Maragh5-4-2Araya20-1

7I'm Smokin Hot(L)120Velasquez2-3-8Dutrow7-2

1Fly Solo(L)120Lopez6-6-2Persaud20-1


9Notional Girl(L)120Arroyo7-4-6Ubillo10-1

10Elissa Town(L)120Prado2-6-xReiff8-1


12Miss Livona(L)118Castellano6-3-xCannizzo15-1

Main Track Only

1aSkinny Margarita(L)120Lopez2-2-xPersaud20-1

All in Favor drops, needed last and will be aided by today's added ground. Bitty Kitty regressed in last after fast-figured sixth in prior; rebound potential. Miss Livona owns sprinter's speed and could prove very tough on an unchallenged lead.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Starter Optional Claiming. Purse: $48,000.


2Metaurus(L)119Camacho, Jr6-7-9Sciacca30-1

3Moments Notiz(L)119Castellano1-1-2Jacobson9-5

4Beer Is Good(L)114Franco6-7-1Barrera, III15-1


6Take Down Two(L)119Maragh6-7-2Brown10-1

7Chaotic Bull(L)119Davis1-2-3Gorham15-1

1aBug Juice(L)119Ortiz5-1-3Rice2-1

8Island Sunset(L)119Ortiz, Jr4-6-6Galluscio8-1


Moments Notiz owns speed, fast figs and makes first start for Jacobson. Tummel holds razor-sharp current condition; very playable. Alcomatch has been sidelined since July but logs swift numbers on best efforts.


6 Furlongs. 2yo. Fillies. NY Bred. Maiden Claiming $35,000. Purse: $40,000.

3Lady Luciano(L)120Morales4-x-xCannizzo5-1

1Sandy's Secret(L1)115Vargas, Jrx-x-xPersaud20-1

4Here Comes Stoney(L1)120Velasquezx-x-xLevine10-1

5Margaret Ownzit(L)115Garcia2-7-8Contessa3-1

6She's a Sizzler(L)120Ortiz10-3-2Schwartz4-1

7Bay Dawn120Karlssonx-x-xGoodwin30-1


8Lucky Nancy E.(L)120Castro8-9-9Ryerson9-2

9Manhattan Gin(L)115Franco10-x-xBrown10-1

2bStormin Mary(L)120Lopez8-11-8Prine20-1


1aFront Cover Dream(L)115Vargas, Jr11-x-xPersaud20-1

11Talk to Me(L)120Saez9-2-5Gorham12-1

She's a Sizzler gets positive class drop and compiled three tight works for first start in 55 days; primed for best. Lucky Nancy E. chased hot fractions on turf last time and could play out as the controlling speed in dirt debut. Margaret Ownzit also owns speed and makes first start since claimed by Gary Contessa; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile. (Turf). 3&up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $40,000.

1Quantity(L)120Ortiz, Jr4-4-9Galluscio10-1

2Mississippi Duel(L)120Castellano4-1-1Romans3-1

3Foolish Tiger(L)120Lezcano3-4-5Bush7-2

4Gimme Credit(L)120Ortiz10-5-1Galluscio4-1

5Saints Alive(L)115Franco4-9-6Sciacca30-1

6Thomas Hill(L)120Maragh6-11-1Friedman6-1


8Jackin My Style(L)113Carson4-5-1Persaud50-1

9Yield Bogey(L)115Vargas, Jr6-1-7Gargan15-1

10Liquidity Trap(L)120Cohen1-3-2Jacobson5-1

Also Eligible

11Becky's Kitten(L)120Saez1-2-1Rice5-2

Main Track Only

12Schoolyard Dreams(L)120No Rider4-1-5Rice5-2


14Pure Attitude(L)120Saez6-8-1Rodriguez3-1

15Smokin Candy(L)120Luzzi4-8-3Imperio5-1

16Matt and Jesse(L)120Lezcano5-5-7Ortiz8-1

Foolish Tiger was pace compromised last out and packs potent late kick on best; call based on price potential in wide-open heat. Becky's Kitten tallied solid late pace number when a determined winner last time and now makes first start since claimed by Linda Rice. Liquidity Trap is another that gets confident price hike after winning last; very dangerous. Mississippi Duel is fleet-footed and will prove very tough on a soft lead.


1 Mile. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $69,000.

1Victoryat Last(L)120Ortiz1-4-5Grusmark10-1

2Bit Bustin(L)118Saez1-2-4Contessa6-1

3What the Frost(L)118Velasquez4-1-6Rodriguez5-2

4Royal Suspicion(L)120Montanez2-2-3Ryerson7-2

5Motion Lounge(L)122Luzzi1-4-2Schettino9-2

6She's Stones Sis(L)118Rosario3-1-2Levine2-1

Motion Lounge notched swift final fraction when winning on Sept. 22; amplified wallop with slight turnback. She's Stones Sis is speedy and the one that must be caught; big-time danger. Bit Bustin upped record to 2-for-3 at the Big A when a determined winner in last; right in the thick of this.


1 Mile. (Turf). 3&up. NY Bred. Maiden Claiming $25,000. Purse: $33,000.

1Magical Salute(L)115Vargas, Jr9-8-xKelly30-1


3Prime Time City(L)120Karlsson9-7-xCannizzo20-1

4Easy Street(L)122Lezcano3-7-8Levine2-1


6Arctic Missile(L)115Franco3-6-2Hennig5-1

7Eastcoast Lights(L1)120Leonx-x-xReiff20-1

8Hudson Ridge(L)117Garcia4-7-3Zubenko III20-1

9River Knight(L1)122Dubon9-12-xPringle50-1

10National Buck(L)120Velasquez3-9-6Weaver5-2

Also Eligible

11Fiddlers Tango(L)120Arroyo4-5-5Antonucci20-1

12Shortcoming(L)120Maragh2-6-3Badgett, Jr7-2

13Cielo Soleggiato(L)115Vargas, Jr10-6-5Schettino12-1

14Mr. Masterpiece(L)122Dubon7-5-8Pringle50-1

Main Track Only

15Ten Ed(L)115Franco3-5-3Hennig7-2

16No Nukes(L)115Esquivel4-5-3Badgett, Jr5-1

Arctic Missile was speed sharpened in sprint last time and projects as the controlling front-runner at longer trip. Shortcoming was a strong second in last at Med and must be factored into the mix if able to escape AE list. Sunnyinseabrook will be aided by return to turf; price will be tempting. Easy Street is riding a forward line on the numbers and now makes peak start of form cycle; worth long look.

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