Steve Matthews / November 23 at Aqueduct

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6 Furlongs. 3&up. Claiming $30,000-$25,000. Purse: $37,000. Post -- 12 p.m.

1Into the Fray(L)117Rosario2-4-2Jacobson7-2

2Chief Gaga(L)121Studart9-8-1Johnson20-1

3Buckeye Heart(L)119Velasquez4-1-4Quick10-1

4Talented Whiz(L)121Maragh2-1-2Ness4-1

5Classic R and B(L)114Garcia1-7-4Gullo5-1

6Straight Fax(L)119Espinoza8-3-1Contessa12-1

7Team Six(L)121Dominguez1-12-8Englehart6-1

8Dr. Copper(L)110Coa5-8-7Hushion20-1

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9Ancient Rome(L)116Ortiz1-3-5Dutrow5-2

Talented Whiz holds sharp current condition and makes peak start of form cycle; rates close call. Into the Fray makes first start since claimed by Drawing Away/Jacobson duo; very dangerous. Classic R and B gets confident price boost after much-the-best score in last; big-time player.


6 Furlongs. 3&up. Maiden Claiming $20,000. NY Bred. Purse: $28,000.

1Winning Pal(L)121Ortiz, Jr3-6-7Rice3-1


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2Blake Street Bully(L)121Daniel7-5-6Giambanco30-1


4Raffie's Star(L)121Lezcano6-6-xScott20-1

5River Ron(L)121Espinoza4-8-2Barbara10-1

6Crushin Rock(L)121Rosario6-4-5Levine7-2

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8My Cousin Eddie(L)122Davis6-8-3Chatterpaul15-1

9Lakota Freud(L)122Velasquez3-2-5Rice2-1

Keyaly is 0-for-33 but packs potent late kick on best and could receive good setup in weak field. Crushin Rock gets favorable cutback to sprint after flashing improved speed in last; dangerous. Winning Pal could play out as the main speed on the fence; right in the thick of this.


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6 Furlongs. 3&up. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $62,000.

1Alpha Zumba(L)121Lezcano6-2-3Sacco8-1

2Rockin Boogie(L)116Ortiz3-4-5Levine4-1

3He Ain't Bluffing(L)122Velazquez3-3-xDutrow, Jr7-5

4Bala de Plata(L1)121Dominguezx-x-xDutrow, Jr6-1

5Burned Bridges(L)121Lezcano9-6-2Persaud20-1

6Sense of Peace(L)121Maragh6-x-xKimmel5-2

Rockin Boogie set hot fractions and faded in first start since two-month layoff; tighter today. He Ain't Bluffing is training with a purpose for first start since June; could easily take this. Burned Bridges will benefit from surface switch and cutback to 6 furlongs; price will be tempting.


1 1/16 Mile. (Turf). The SUPER MARIO. 2yo. Purse: $80,000.

1Bernie the Jet(L)120Maragh2-3-9Contessa5-1


3Dancing Lion(L)120DeCarlo1-2-3Sacco20-1

4Noosh's Tale120Espinoza1-7-10Kelly20-1

5Sunlover(L)120Ortiz, Jr1-4-8Romans20-1

6Lightening Cutter(L)120Dominguez1-4-xTrombetta4-1

7James Jingle(L)120Prado5-9-1Kelly20-1

8Holy Endeavor(L)120Rosario9-1-2Ward8-1

Main Track Only


Noosh's Tale logged swift final fraction when breaking maiden in first start on Big A sod; call based on price potential. Notacatbutallama owns fast late pace and final figs; if chalk is your game. Sunlover notched crisp half-mile drill since game score last month; very interesting.


6 Furlongs. 2yo. Fillies. Maiden Claiming $25,000. Purse: $30,000.


2Lady Jarlyn(L)113Coa5-6-7Persaud20-1

3Magna G120Ortiz, Jr7-x-xToner5-1


5Absolute Paradise(L)120Prado8-4-8Laxmeter20-1


7True Joanie True120Silverax-x-xContessa8-1

8Bebes Passion(L)115Ortiz7-7-5Arroyo30-1

9High Inflation(L)120Garcia6-8-xViolette, Jr4-1

Absolute Paradise owns speed, is rested and fired crisp half-mile work on Nov. 4. Dissension makes first start with maiden claiming tag; very playable. Bullette logged four tight works since facing tougher in debut; improvement expected.


1 Mile. (Turf). 2yo. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $67,000.

1Efficient Market(L)120Velazquez4-x-xRomans3-1



4A. M. Mayhem(L)113Coa9-x-xBrown20-1

5Horse Latitudes(L1)120Ortiz, Jrx-x-xHertler15-1



8Mr Beauregard120Castro8-x-xAlbertrani12-1

9Saved the Best(L)120Velasquez8-x-xHennig20-1

10Rapid Burn120Espinoza7-x-xWeaver15-1

Also Eligible



13Rock and Rye120Castro4-6-xWeaver15-1

Main Track Only

14Third Knight(L1)120No Riderx-x-xMott10-1

15Souper Funny120No Rider9-x-xAlbertrani6-1

16Main Man Mike(L)120Velasquez3-x-xHennig2-1

Metro tallied solid late pace figure when third behind a pair of next-out winners in lone grass start; sharp recent works seal the deal. Kenalantic is bred to handle switch to sod; dangerous. Efficient Market made mild rally in debut and could be aided by today's additional furlong.


5 1/2 Furlongs. 2yo. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $62,000.

1Lady Banks(L1)120Castrox-x-xLawrence, II8-1

2Live Lively(L)120Rosario3-x-xHennig4-1

3Fortyshadesofgreen(L)120Lezcano9-x-xTurner, Jr50-1


5Cubicle Queen(L1)120Luzzi2-x-xBaker5-2

6Madre Ditutticapi(L1)120Velazquezx-x-xHushion8-1

7Well Heeled(L1)120Ortiz, Jrx-x-xGyarmati10-1

8Dear to All(L)120Maragh2-x-xDutrow7-2

9Sawyers Trustylady(L)120Dominguez3-4-5Asmussen5-1

Live Lively compiled eye-catching work slate for first start since even third in June debut; moves forward. Sawyers Trustylady could play out as the speed of the speed with aggressive ride. Madre Ditutticapi debuts for Mike Hushion; could be the goods.


11 /16 Mile. (Turf). 3&up. Claiming $30,000-$25,000. Purse: $40,000.

2Deciphering Dreams(L)120Espinoza10-4-3Cosentino6-1

3Perfect Footprint113Coa7-7-9Figueroa20-1

4Luigi P118Lezcano8-5-8Bizelia30-1

5Top Yank(L)120Luzzi1-12-5Pringle10-1


1Karakorum Legend(L)120Velasquez4-2-3Rice2-1

7Economic Summit(L)120Garcia4-7-1Violette, Jr3-1

8Thomas Hill(L)114Garcia5-7-2Grusmark10-1

9Runaway Jim(L)118Maragh3-3-9Hills5-1

10Irish Lion(L)120Ortiz, Jr4-3-3Badgett, Jr10-1

Also Eligible

11Becky's Kitten(L)118Lezcano7-6-3Servis5-1

12Colossal Gift(L)120Dominguez3-3-8Dutrow, Jr5-2

1aQuick Money(L)120Ortiz, Jr3-6-2Rice2-1

Main Track Only

13Bomber Boy(L)115Ortiz1-3-2Rodriguez9-5

Irish Lion has drilled four times since spinning his wheels in the slop last time; switch back to grass is key. Top Yank was a front-running winner in last and could prove very tough once again on an unchallenged lead. Economic Summit should benefit from return to turf; don't ignore. Colossal Gift must be factored into the mix if able to escape AE list.


1 Mile. 3&up. The GO FOR WAND (Grade II). Fillies and Mares. Purse: $200,000.



3Fantasy of Flight(L)116Dominguez1-9-1Dutrow, Jr7-5

4R Gypsy Gold(L)115Velazquez5-6-3Pletcher7-2

5Hard Life(L)113Rosario6-1-2Dutrow, Jr12-1

Willet demolished NY-bred field last time and appears ready for prime time in cuurent form. Fantasy of Flight fired 5-furlong bullet since hand-ridden score in last; big-time danger. R Gypsy Gold needed last and is more than good enough on 'A' game.


1 1/16 Mile. (Turf). 3&up. Claiming $16,000. Purse: $29,000.

1Cat Sweep(L)120Espinoza8-8-3Terranova,II5-1

2Big Creek(L)119Lezcano6-7-5Persaud15-1

3Parachute Coney(L)119Luzzi2-8-3Galluscio5-2

4Jackin My Style(L)119Silvera9-10-7Persaud30-1

5Balance the Budget(L)119Ortiz, Jr5-6-2Chatterpaul7-2

6Psych Major(L)119Davis1-2-6Shevy20-1

7All for the Trip(L)112Coa1-7-6Brown3-1

8Smoky Meeting(L)114Garcia8-3-2Grusmark15-1

9Davins Ticket(L)112Tomas7-2-6Galluscio15-1

10Northern Tripp(L)114Ortiz1-5-9Ryerson12-1

Also Eligible

11Al Dente(L)119Castro10-8-5Alexander8-1

12Late Starter(L)119Dominguez8-6-2Dutrow, Jr3-1

13Winter Now(L)119DeCarlo5-4-10Contessa12-1

14Out of Your Mind(L)120Studart6-9-9Sciacca30-1



Rover unleashed powerful, last-to-first burst in stretch to win last; call if able to draw in. Northern Tripp overcame 22-length first call deficit to break maiden in last; price will be attractive. Parachute Coney drops and owns fast figs on best efforts. Balance the Budget is another class dropper that logs swift numbers on 'A' game.

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