Steve Matthews / October 5 at Belmont

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1 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $85,000. Post -- 12:50 p.m.

1Jilted Tiara115Francox-x-xKelly20-1

2Causeways Friend120Velasquezx-x-xFarrell20-1

3Toy Land(L)120Prado7-5-xMott12-1


5Poster Girl(L)120Alvarado2-2-7Shirreffs5-2

6Atlantic Dream(L)120Castellano10-3-2Pletcher6-1

7Pleasant Cat(L)120Ortiz, Jr2-4-2Bush3-1


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Main Track Only

9Lunar Surge(L1)120No Rider3-3-3Weaver2-1

Pleasant Cat was pace and trip compromised when a clear-cut second in last; rates call based on price potential. Poster Girl has trained sharply since fast-figured placing 56 days ago; very dangerous. Atlantic Dream logged four tight works since victimized by tough post in last; must consider. On dirt: Lunar Surge.2

1 Mile. 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $87,000.

2Go Canes Go(L)118Prado10-6-3Cannizzo20-1


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3North Ocean(L)121Velasquez3-1-1Rodriguez5-1

4I Want You to Know(L)121Ortiz, Jr4-4-10Keogh12-1

5Nevada Kid(L)121Saez2-7-5Zito7-2

6Go Appeal(L)118Ortiz1-3-xMcLaughlin6-1

1Wayward Sailor(L)121Cohen1-3-12Jacobson3-1

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7Reaching Out(L)118Alvarado10-1-1Reynolds8-1

8Yellow Mountain(L)113Vargas, Jr6-7-2Ribaudo20-1


1aPoint Taken(L)121Castellano2-3-1Jacobson3-1

10Deadicated Deal(L)116Franco1-5-4Serpe15-1

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Jacobson entry: Wayward Sailor was a determined winner on Suf grass last time and mate Point Taken also won last and was taken down; potent pairing. Nevada Kid was a fast-figured second in last; big-time threat. North Ocean delivers strong efforts with machine-like consistency; could easily take this.


6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf). 3&up. NY Bred. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $70,000.



3Brandy's Big Guy(L)118Franco7-4-6Goodwin10-1

4Chasintheblues(L)120Ortiz, Jr4-6-xThompson5-1

5Courageous Karen(L)115Vargas, Jr5-3-2Shevy7-2

6Mel's Dream(L)118Castillo, Jr7-8-8DiSanto20-1


8Wood On the Fire(L)120Lezcano9-6-9Lostritto15-1

Main Track Only

9Escape to the Moon(L)120Ortiz2-x-xBrown2-5

Brandy's Big Guy should pack amplified late kick with cutback to 6 furlongs. Seljuk owns solid final fractions on best efforts. Sayaprayerforme is speedy and must be given a puncher's chance. On dirt: Escape to the Moon.4

6 Furlongs. 3&up. Claiming $15,000. Purse: $28,000.


2Town Hall(L)118Cohen2-5-1Jacobson2-1

3Keltic Fighter(L)121Teator4-5-3Hizo30-1

4Corybant(L)116Vargas, Jr7-6-5Sciacca30-1

5Go Forrest Go(L)118Vargas, Jr6-1-8Englehart20-1

6Lucci the Lion(L)118Arroyo3-4-5DiPrima4-1


8Quiet Miracle(L)118Studart9-7-3Granville20-1


10Banzai Kid(L)118Saez5-10-8Imperio12-1

11Foggy Road(L)120Castellano1-6-2Rodriguez5-1

12Sneaky Freud(L)118Rodriguez6-3-3Persaud8-1

13Uncle Smokey(L)114Castillo, Jr2-5-4Toscano, Jr6-1

Lucci the Lion was a tough-trip third in last and owns fast back figures. Town Hall drops to lifetime low in first start since claimed by DAS/Jacobson; fire sale? Foggy Road tallied career-best number when a determined winner in last.


11/16 Miles. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $89,000.

1Tapit Express(L)121Napravnik2-9-2Sheppard8-1



4Tiz Gianni(L)121Alvarado4-2-5Jacobson12-1


6Thomas Hill(L)121Ortiz, Jr1-7-1Friedman12-1

7Cheyenne Nation(L)121Velasquez1-1-3Rodriguez5-1

8Dangerous Lad(L)121Ortiz1-3-8Brown20-1

9Shkspeare Shaliyah(L)121Arroyo7-9-6Shivmangal30-1

10Border Song(L)121Lezcano3-7-3Clement6-1

11Hardest Core(L)118Saez2-1-2McLaughlin7-2

Main Track Only



Tapit Express fired since 6-furlong bullet since game placing on Spa sod on Aug. 15; rates close call. Thomas Hill gets aggressive two-level price hike after sharp score last time; very dangerous. Cheyenne Nation owns fast figs and is riding a two-race winning streak; right in the thick of this. On dirt: Cease.6

11/16 Miles. 2yo. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $85,000.

2Long Water120Saez3-4-xMcLaughlin4-1

3Village Warrior(L)120Castellano2-x-xPletcher7-2




6Rare Eagle(L1)120Alvaradox-x-xAlbertrani15-1

7Master Lightning(L)120Napravnik2-x-xPletcher4-1

8Tightly Bridled(L)120Velasquez6-5-xZito15-1

1aSouper Lucky(L)120Ortiz, Jr2-3-5Albertrani2-1

Village Warrior tallied swift late pace figure when second to a runaway winner in debut; three tight works in the interim seals the deal. Souper Lucky was a fast-figured second in last; be no surprise. Long Water is riding a forward line on the numbers; must consider.


7 Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $33,000.

1Becky's Kitten(L)121Castellano1-3-4Servis5-1

2Soup A' Fleet(L)121Arroyo7-8-9Orseno15-1

3Tiger Willie(L)116Franco4-9-4Shivmangal30-1

4Go On Murt(L)121Ortiz6-7-3Englehart5-1

5Luigi P(L)121Ortiz, Jr5-3-6Englehart20-1

6Precious Metal(L)121Saez1-4-4Rodriguez5-1

7Liquidity Trap(L)121Cohen2-1-4Jacobson3-1

8Game Token(L)116Vargas, Jr7-8-8Sciacca30-1

9Driven by Solar(L)114Castillo, Jr2-4-5Toscano, Jr4-1

10Non Stop(L)121Lezcano2-4-7Cannizzo6-1

Also Eligible

11Starship Captain(L)121Lezcano4-2-4Grusmark15-1

12In My Eyes(L)121Ortiz, Jr8-5-8Matz15-1

13Coach Royal(L)121Napravnik3-6-1Hess, Jr5-2

Main Track Only

14Winning Touch(L)121Arroyo2-5-4Perillo2-1


16Mr. Style(L)121Cohen2-1-1Jacobson4-1

Precious Metal returns to turf after tallying rapid final fraction when a convincing victor in last; pairs up. Liquidity Trap owns two wins and two seconds in four starts on Belmont sod. Becky's Kitten was an easy winner on wet-fast dirt last time; right in the thick of this. On dirt: Shankopotamus.8

11/8 Miles. (Inner Turf). 3yo. THE JAMAICA. (Grade I). Purse: $500,000.

2War Dancer(L)120Alvarado6-1-2McPeek4-1

3Mills(L)115Ortiz, Jr3-1-2Tagg20-1

4Balance the Books(L)118Ortiz1-3-6Brown5-1

1Admiral Kitten(L)121Napravnik1-2-2Maker7-2

5Jack Milton(L)120Lezcano3-3-3Pletcher6-1

6Five Iron(L)119Saez1-1-1Lynch10-1

7Stormy Len(L)119Solis3-2-3Donk8-1


9Michael With Us(L)116Prado2-2-8DiMauro30-1

10Global Asset(L)113Santiago3-1-1Gonzalez50-1

1aGet in Line(L)114Cohen5-5-1Maker7-2

11Up With the Birds(L)120Velasquez1-2-1Pierce8-1


War Dancer should pack enhanced late kick with return to turf and cutback in distance. Five Iron was unfazed by fast fractions when a fast-figured, front-running winner in last; very playable. Jack Milton is fresh and owns solid late pace numbers on best efforts.


1 Mile. 2yo. Fillies. THE FRIZETTE. (Grade I). Purse: $500,000.

1Sweet Reason(L)120Solis1-1-xGyarmati8-5

2Artemis Agrotera(L)120Lezcano1-x-xHushion6-1

3Tea Time120Saez1-3-xMatz6-1


5Ria Antonia(L)120Ortiz4-1-5Englehart20-1

6Divided Attention120Ortiz, Jr1-5-xMcLaughlin8-1


Artemis Agrotera visually and numerically impressed when winning debut by 11 lengths; rates slight edge based on early speed advantage. Sweet Reason has been no less dazzling in both her starts; superb Frizette renewal. Stopchargingmaria logged three tight works since second to 'Reason' in Spinaway; must factor into the mix.


1 Mile. 2yo. THE FOXWOODS CHAMPAGNE. (Grade I). Purse: $500,000.


2Ride On Curlin(L)122Solis4-1-2Gowan12-1

3Havana(L)122Ortiz, Jr1-x-xPletcher7-2

4Debt Ceiling(L)122Alvarado1-6-1Robb10-1

5Honor Code(L)122Castellano1-x-xMcGaughey III3-1

6Long On Value(L)122Lezcano6-1-1Mott12-1

7Strong Mandate(L)122Ortiz1-1-5Lukas5-2

8Grand Arrival(L)122Napravnik1-3-xZito8-1

9Intense Holiday(L)122DeCarlo1-5-xPletcher12-1

Honor Code logged otherworldly final fraction when overcoming a 22-length deficit to win debut; 2-year-old with a future. Strong Mandate has improved dramatically with addition of blinkers two back and was geared down when winning the Hopeful last time; very dangerous. Havana lived up to heavy tote support when winning debut; enjoy contentious Champagne.


11/16 Miles. (Inner Turf). 3&up. NY Bred. Allowance. Purse: $77,000.

1Barnards Galaxy(L)121Solis3-5-4Morley8-1

2Mike and Rob(L)116Vargas, Jr1-8-1Ronen12-1



5Make a Decision(L)118Velasquez5-2-1Rice8-1

6Carson Bandit(L)121Santiago5-10-3FarfanCasarez15-1

7With Exultation(L)118Ortiz, Jr3-6-3Clement3-1

8Face the Race(L)118Castellano8-1-4Matz15-1



11Northern Tripp(L)121Arroyo9-7-8Ryerson30-1

Main Track Only

12James Jingle(L)113Franco9-9-5Kelly12-1



15Bernardo(L)118Ortiz1-3-4Toscano, Jr3-1

Mike and Rob overcame wide trip and soft fractions when a clear-cut winner in last; more to come. Northern Tripp packs powerful late wallop and should be aided by longer trip and probable pace dynamics. Orino is speedy and will prove very tough on an unchallenged lead. Grahamandwithers is another front-runner that must be factored into the mix. On dirt: Petrocelli.

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