Some runners race for the competition. Some runners do it to stay in shape. Some might run for a specific cause. But Lindenhurst’s Ethan Hauser and his alter egos do it to entertain and indulge.

For the past four years, Hauser was the Hulk during the half marathon of the Long Island Marathon. Sunday, he donned a He-Man costume.

Why does he do it?

“To have fun,” said Hauser, 37. “Everyone’s too serious. When you run past people and they start cheering, it gets you in a good mood.”

He wears an iPhone running sleeve but doesn’t listen to music. He finds different motivators.

“People laugh at the costume, we make small talk then you go on to the next person,” said Hauser, carrying a large fake sword. “Same conversations, new person. Keeps you going.”

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He changed from his Hulk costume after saying he was “too lazy” to put on all the green paint and pointing out how it makes a mess in his car. The first two years he ran in normal running attire but decided it was time for a change.

“Why not?,” Hauser said. “Get a kick out of it. People get a joy out of me. Everyone’s yelling on the side except no one knows who He-Man is. I’m about 20 years too late.”