Any time Mike Francesa talks about technology on his show, it's a must-listen. Thursday was no different.

After a caller asked if WFAN producer Brian Monzo was in Francesa's Mount Rushmore of producers, Francesa went on a seven-minute tech tangent during his show.

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The segment started with Francesa wondering why Twitter is lagging behind Facebook in the stock market and ended with him quizzing update anchor John Minko about various technologies, from how many Twitter followers Minko has (Francesa thinks 5,000 followers is "bad") to whether or not Minko has a non-work email address (like most people, he does) to what kinds of things Minko buys on "any Internet." (Minko said he doesn't buy merchandise on the Internet, which leads into what may be the best part of the segment.)

Listen to the clip below. (Hat tip to Mongo Nation's Chris Poulos for the recording.)