Congratulations to the New York Football Jets for a well-earned victory.

We thought it was cool when the coach of the 2000 Giants reached the Super Bowl after guaranteeing a playoff berth in November.

Now the coach of the 2009 Jets is one victory from reaching the Super Bowl after guaranteeing in December his team would NOT get a playoff berth.

CBS' telecast Sunday generally was first-rate, highlighted by several pointed - usually correct - opinions and observations from Phil Simms.

The wrongest words uttered on CBS over the weekend came Saturday, when after the Colts swatted the Ravens, Dan Dierdorf declared that the benching-the-starters story line from the Jets-Colts game in Week 16 officially was dead and buried.

Less than 24 hours later, the Jets secured their rematch in Indy.

Think again, Dan.

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Photo: Getty