Yo, ESPN, our Nets have enough problems without you piling on.

On the late SportsCenter last night, the Bristol Stompers included a shot of a lone fan sitting in the upper deck during the Bucks-Nets game, prompting yuks from the anchors.

But this was misleading. The lone figure five rows from the top of the arena actually was Jessica Taff, YES' Nets reporter, who was holding up a sign professing love for play-by-play man Ian Eagle as a goof.

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Why do I know this? Because I was watching at the time. Sick, I know. Anyway, in reality all of the 1,016 people who braved the snow to attend were invited to sit in the lower bowl.

Having come this far, it will be a huge shame if the Nets do not finish below the 1972-73 Sixers and set a new record for NBA futility.