Hey, gang, check this out: The Olympics start Friday!

Seems like it's only been a year-and-a-half or so since the last one, doesn't it?

I contributed two things to our preview section:

A look here at the fact most of the big events from Vancouver will be seen live in the East and a hodgpodge of other media-related tidbits here.

I'll be ticked off if Lindsey Vonn can't go and all that time I invested reading excellent features on her by my good friends Tim Layden of SI and Bill Pennington of the NYT goes for naught.

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Not everyone is pleased with Ms. Vonn's decision to pose in a bikini for SI's Swimsuit Issue. I understand both sides of that issue, but isn't it better for society to celebrate a powerful, 160-pound female body than some of those give-that-poor-girl-a-burger models we usually see?