After this post, I must leave to work on my 2000s in review series, in which I thus far have insulted fans of Mike Piazza, Mariano Rivera, the Nets and the Devils.

More to come!

But first, a roundup of quotes from NFL studio shows helpfully sent to me by TV public relations people who have a dwindling supply of sports media writers to whom to send this stuff:

NBC's Tony Dungy on the likelihood of the Cowboys defeating the Saints next weekend: "No chance." (That would be very helpful to the Giants.)

CBS' Boomer Esiason on Chad Ochocinco: "This guy is no longer a Pro Bowl player.  He's an absolute sideshow.  He's an embarrassment to the franchise.  The other aspect to all of this, you would think Marvin Lewis would have enough of it, sit him down and deactivate him."

Fox' Michael Strahan on Wade Phillips: “Your team takes on the personality of the coach.  If you’re going to be the head coach and you want your team to be tough, you can’t let anybody push you around.  Right now, Wade Phillips is getting pushed around so the team is getting pushed around.”

NFL Network's Michael Irvin: "I would turn in all three Super Bowl rings and my Hall of Fame bust for one undefeated season." (Huh?)

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ESPN's Mike Ditka on Bill Belichick sending players home because they arrived late during a snowstorm:

“I had a player, Walter Payton. He was late to a meeting. He was late because he was driving a Lamborghini about 110 miles an hour on a 45.  So I asked Walter, I said ‘Walter, why? You know you’re jeopardizing your health, you’re jeopardizing your life, somebody else’s life.’ He said, ‘I didn’t want to be late and get fined.’ I said, ‘Walter, have I ever fined you for missing a meeting?’ No. ‘For being late?’ No. I think you’ve got to look at the intent. If you know there are guys who really push the button and say, ‘no I’m not going to be there on time,’ then you do something. I think he made a big mistake. I don’t think he thought this all the way through. He’s got some turmoil up there right now.”

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