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Bob Costas to miss third straight day of Olympics

It's impossible not to feel a little bad for Commack's own Bob Costas as he continues to battle infections to his eyes in the middle of his high-profile biennial Olympics gig.

But, alas, Costas will be forced to miss his third consecutive day of hosting duties because of the ongoing ailment and again will be replaced in prime time Thursday by Matt Lauer.

On a conference call from Russia with reporters Wednesday, NBC Sports Group chairman Mark Lazarus said this about that:

"[It] has been very unfortunate for him and for us and for viewers. The doctors here in Russia have worked hard to clear it up but it’s a slow process. He’s very frustrated – more frustrated than any of us.

"But he did a great job in the early days of planning here and we’re thankful to have NBC News here to assist us by loaning us Matt Lauer, who pinch hit for Bob [Tuesday] night and will again [Wednesday] night. We’re taking it day by day and we’re hopeful that Bob will be back in the chair soon."

Later someone asked Lazarus whether he has been surprised by the amount of attention Costas' ailment has received stateside. He said this:

"I’m not surprised it’s attracted this much attention. Bob is America’s Olympic host and people have been watching Bob do this and do it extraordinarily well for several decades. So in a way, they’ve come to expect him being here and when he’s not it’s a story.

"So, it’s unfortunate, and as I said earlier, no one is more frustrated or bothered by it than him. Not just the physical, but the fact that he’s not part of something he loves so much and that he does so well."

Lazarus said he could not comment on specifics of Costas' treatment.

"As far as the doctors, that’s really between him and his doctors. What we know is he’s staying in the hotel in a dark room and trying to get better. But I can’t comment on what they’re actually doing for him."

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