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Carl Banks says Bill Parcells offered cash for takedown of Eric Dickerson

Carl Banks looks on during a ceremony before

Carl Banks looks on during a ceremony before a game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Giants in East Rutherford, N.J. (Credit: AP, 2009)

On the season premiere of MSG's "Four Courses with JB Smoove" Wednesday night (after the Knicks game) former Giants linebacker Carl Banks tells the group about a bounty of sorts that Bill Parcells offered for a takedown of the Rams' Eric Dickerson in 1984.

“Bill says, 'You’re gonna start against Eric,'" Banks says on the show. "We didn’t know how we were going to stop him, but I was good at stopping the run. Going into that game, [Parcells] says, 'The first man that puts Eric Dickerson on his ass gets $1,500.'

"I’m the rookie, you know they’re going to run at me. First play of the game, they run at me…tackle for a 5-yard loss - this was before the whole bounty thing - and that kind of set the tone for the game, because everyone was scared of Eric because he could squirt out and go, but I was like, 'Let’s go, we’re going see what happens.'

"I never turned down one of those types of tackles and that kind of defined what my role was going be…I was the guy that you couldn’t run at.”

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