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Cold calculation: ‘sno big deal

Giants running back David Wilson and Jets running

Giants running back David Wilson and Jets running back Joe McKnight (not pictured) were on hand for the presentation of the MetLife Stadium snow globe. (Credit: Handout)

Beth Hirschhorn is chief marketing officer for MetLife, but as she talked about Super Bowl XLVIII on Thursday, she sounded more like an advanced analytics geek as she broke down the cold, hard facts of winter weather and offense.

“The thing I’m hearing from people that is a little off-kilter is that the score is much lower in cold-weather games, and the statistics don’t bear that out,’’ she said. “There’s only a one-and-a-half-point difference in total scoring in games below 40 degrees [41.0 per game] compared to games 70 or above [42.5].’’

Hirschhorn was citing statistics compiled by for MetLife using data dating to 1991.

Here’s another: The Ravens have turned the ball over less often in sub-40-degree games (1.53 times on average) than in 70-plus games (1.81).

“So statistically speaking, it plays to [the Ravens'] advantage,’’ Hirschhorn said.

In other words: Take that, Joe Flacco.

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