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Dave Jennings, RIP

DAVE JENNINGS Jennings, a punter with the Giants

Jennings, a punter with the Giants and Jets who played in four Pro Bowls, died after battling Parkinson's disease for nearly 20 years. He was 61.
(Credit: Newsday/Alan Raia)

Dave Jennings’ improbable football story began with fashioning a career as a punter after never playing the position (or sport) at Garden City High and ended with a career in radio built on reasoned opinions and deep knowledge. Novel concept!

The fact he did all of the above near his hometown playing for and analyzing both the Giants and Jets completed the unusual, old-school narrative.

Jennings’ final act was the dignity with which he handled a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, which first robbed him of his broadcasting career and Tuesday took his life. He was 61.

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