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Jim Valvano's win was Jim Nantz's loss

North Carolina State coach Jim Valvano waves the

North Carolina State coach Jim Valvano waves the net in victory in Albuquerque, N.M., after his team defeated Houston in the NCAA Final Four championship game. (Credit: AP, 1983)

For most Americans old enough to remember it -- or who saw the recent ESPN documentary --  the story of the 1983 NCAA Tournament forever will be the upset of Houston by Seaford High’s own Jim Valvano and North Carolina State in Albuquerque.

But CBS’ Jim Nantz experienced that event from the opposite perspective, as a recent Houston alum who watched in horror as the final play unfolded.

“I sat at the other basket as I watched Lorenzo Charles dunk our national championship hopes away,’’ he said glumly when a reporter asked about Houston coach Guy Lewis, 91, being a Hall of Fame finalist this weekend.

“I was trying to forget about it. Now that you brought it back up again I’m sure I’ll be feeling the weight of that anniversary.’’

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