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Jimmy Connors gave them what they wanted

Jimmy Connors is seen during the French Open

Jimmy Connors is seen during the French Open tennis championships. (June, 1979) (Credit: AP, 1979)

Tuesday’s ESPN “30 for 30” entry, “This is What They Want,’’ about Jimmy Connors and the 1991 U.S. Open, isn’t among the best in the series, in part because of some odd selections for talking heads with no direct connection to the story.

But it is worth watching, if only to observe Connors still being his irascible, unrepentant self, and to listen to the brothers McEnroe talk about him.

One of the stars is Aaron Krickstein recalling his epic battle with Connors that Labor Day – Connors’ 39th birthday. I was there. Sort of. Does being stuck with a blind date outside the stadium waiting for the delayed night session count?

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