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Mickael Pietrus and the greatest videobomb ever

Toronto Raptors forward Mickael Pietrus, left, drives against

Toronto Raptors forward Mickael Pietrus, left, drives against Sacramento Kings guard Aaron Brooks. (Dec. 5, 2012) (Credit: AP)

Somewhere along the line, photobombing became popular again. You know, making a funny face or gesture in the background while a photo is being taken of other people who possess no knowledge of the goings on behind them.

It's been all the rage ever since cameras were invented, but with the proliferation of cell phone cameras, it has become an Internet phenomenon and a clickable headline buzzword.

We'll leave it to Toronto Raptors forward Mickael Pietrus to show you why photobombing is so 2012 and if you're not videobombing, you're not succeeding in life.

Have a look at what he did during an NBA TV pregame telecast. Credit the guy talking for not breaking concentration.

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