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Mike Mayock tries to keep it (relatively) simple

NFL Network announcers Alex Flanagan, Mike Mayock and

NFL Network announcers Alex Flanagan, Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler. (Credit: NFL Network)

Mike Mayock makes no apologies for being a football nerd, but there are times his technical knowledge has caused him only to confuse casual fans who turn to him for analysis on the NFL Network’s Thursday night games.

Three years into his term, though, his boss believes he has had a “breakthrough year’’ in addressing that concern.

“He took the constructive feedback over the last couple of years,’’ said Mark Quenzel, senior VP of production and programming. “We talked about it over the summer.

“I think it’s important he does that technical [analysis] because it separates him a little bit – not all analysts can do it – and because I think our audience is a little more of an educated audience in terms of that.’’

But, Quenzel said, Mayock has become more conscious of discussing general interest topics, such as playoff races, the draft and such.

“He can do it,’’ Quenzel said. “He gets so wrapped up and he’s so passionate about why a play worked or didn’t work that sometimes you have to remind him: ‘Mike, you have so much more to give.’’’

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