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'Moneyball' is a hit

Brad Pitt stars in Columbia Pictures' drama "Moneyball."

Brad Pitt stars in Columbia Pictures' drama "Moneyball." (Melinda Sue Gordon/Courtesy Columbia Pictures/MCT) (Credit: MCT/HANDOUT)

No one expected “Moneyball’’ to match the domestic box office of an earlier Michael Lewis adaptation, “The Blind Side,’’ a mega-hit that grossed $256 million.

But the notion – including here – that there would be limited audience appeal for a movie about on-base percentage seems to have been unfounded.

“Moneyball’’ rose to $64.7 million in receipts over the weekend, displacing of “Field of Dreams’’ at No. 3 among baseball movies (not inflation adjusted), according to Box Office

The top two: “A League of Their Own’’ (1992) at $107.5 million and “The Rookie’’ (2002) at $75.6 million.

Speaking of the field from "Field of Dreams" . . . 

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