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Yankees not alone in tix slip

"The Babe Ruth Story" (1948) -- William Bendix

"The Babe Ruth Story" (1948) -- William Bendix was the Yankees' "Sultan of Swat." The movie was rush-released while Ruth was still alive (he would die in August of 1948). Here, Babe Ruth, who used to hold the bat way down at the end, shows actor William Bendix how he used to hold the bat -- way down at the end. Ruth was on hand as Bendix went through batting scenes for the movie cameras in Hollywood. (May 4, 1948) (Credit: AP Photo CJDES)

Much has been made – including here – of the Yankees’ attendance decline in 2013, down 2,482 per game through Wednesday night. That’s a lot of overpriced beer going un-guzzled.

But halfway through the season, they are far from alone, and in far better shape than most.

Nine teams are down by more than the Yankees, “led’’ by the Marlins’ 11,052 a game and including the Red Sox, Cubs and Phillies, per (The Mets are down 1,151.)

Moreover, the star-challenged Yankees were No. 1 in the American League at 39,600 paid per game. That is more than they averaged in every full season before 1999, but less than they averaged in any full season since 2000.


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