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Yankees prez Randy Levine talks tix

Yankees president Randy Levine speaks during the announcement

(Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy)

Famously feisty Yankees president Randy Levine leaped to the team’s defense Tuesday when questioned about the team’s high ticket prices by former New York State attorney general Robert Abrams.

For good measure, he threw in a playful jab at Abrams, now a partner at Strook & Strook & Lavan, a law firm that hosted a breakfast forum on sports business that featured Levine.


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'Turnabout' is unfair play

Singer Rick Springfield jams out.

(Credit: Handout)

After eight years it is getting increasingly difficult to uncover sports-related pop culture curios to keep the Sunday editor amused and entertained.

But here’s a doozy: “Turnabout,” an NBC sitcom that debuted 25 years ago in January and lasted a mere seven episodes. I have no recollection of it, as I was busy getting hazed by future fraternity brothers at the time.

Written by the pre-“Hill...

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Book: Rex Ryan fined thin-skinned players, coaches

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, left,

(Credit: AP)

Nicholas Dawidoff’s behind-the-scenes book about the 2011 Jets, “Collision Low Crossers,’’ was released Tuesday but written well before then – and before the recent bullying controversy that engulfed the Dolphins.

In light of that episode a passage on pages 72 and 73 is particularly timely, and revealing.

Dawidoff tells of a team-bonding game of “Jets Pictionary’’ in which...

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Mike Francesa rants against Twitter

Here is Mike Francesa in May of 2012, calling for Twitter use by journalists and athletes to be made illegal.

In light of all that has happened since, most recently J.R. Smith's latest Twitter misadventure, maybe he was right!


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'Heidi Game' turns 45

JOE NAMATH 1965-1976 136 games (126 starts), 60-61-4

(Credit: AP)

Forty-five years ago Sunday I was worried some silly football game would delay the beginning of “Heidi,’’ which I and many of my fellow 8-year-olds were very much looking forward to watching.

Happily, NBC executives left the Jets-Raiders game right at 7 p.m., and all was well! Kind of.

As it turned out, there were many football fans less than enthusiastic about the move, especially after...

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HBO 'Real Sports' marks a milestone

Bryant Gumbel, host of HBO's "Real Sports."

(Credit: HBO/Nathaniel Welch )

Howard Cosell more or less invented sports journalism on television, including his mid-1980s show “SportsBeat,’’ so it was fitting that exactly three weeks before he died, one of the enduring pillars of the genre was born.

HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’’ premiered April 2, 1995, joining another show, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,’’ which arrived in 1990.

It is easy to forget how...

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Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason, Craig Carton top Talkers' sports talk rankings

WFAN afternoon radio host Mike Francesa at the

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

Keith Olbermann has been doing verbal battle via Twitter and ESPN with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason, putting the FAN’s morning and afternoon shows on the same side of an argument for once.

One, big happy family? Um, no. But it’s been good, clean fun watching media egos mix it up for our amusement, with Olbermann playing his familiar role as button-pusher.


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Walt Frazier goes back to future

Knicks guard Walt Frazier. (Sept. 15, 1970)

(Credit: AP)

Walt Frazier is 68 now, a half-century removed from a childhood in segregated Atlanta and from most of the people who shaped him there.

But the years fall away quickly in an episode of MSG’s “Beginnings’’ that premieres Tuesday and follows Clyde to his old neighborhood, and a time before anyone called him “Clyde.’’

While there he visits the restaurant where he worked as a teenager –...

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CBS, NBC revisit JFK assassination through football eyes

1963: ROGER STAUBACH Quarterback, Navy Roger Staubach's 1,356-point

(Credit: AP )

No aspect of the assassination of John F. Kennedy will go un-reexamined over the next week, including its impact on the sports world. Two documentaries worth your time on that front:

First, Thursday night CBS Sports Network offers “Marching On: 1963 Army-Navy Remembered,’’ about that year’s epic, controversial showdown, which not only impacted the national mood but also the national championship...

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Buy Michael Jordan's house

Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan in uniform in

(Credit: AP)

Got a few million bucks laying around -- for the down payment, that is -- for some sports memorabilia?

How about Michael Jordan's home in Highland Park, Ill. It's 56,000 square feet with an infinity pool, PGA-style putting green, a whole bunch of other impressive displays of wealth and, yes, a basketball complex. (Hint: it's not a hoop in the driveway.)

The auction begins Nov. 22, 2013....

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