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Tina Cervasio will be on the run, from Marathon to Knicks

Former New York Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet,

(Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin)

Tina Cervasio ran the New York City Marathon in 2008 and ’09 and had no immediate plans for another - until the aftermath of the bombings at the Boston Marathon in April. They came 4:09 into the race, right around when some of her friends were finishing, and just ahead of her pace. “I was watching that thinking, ‘Gosh, I could have been rolling into Boylston [Street] around that time,’’’ the MSG...

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Pam Oliver declines to apologize to New Yorkers for 'bad joke'

Fox's Pam Oliver took some heat in the city tabloids after a couple of playful jabs while emceeing a Super Bowl breakfast last week were interpreted by some as slights against New Yorkers in general and Jets fans in particular. Most of the people I have spoken to who were there - as I was - thought that interpretation of her remarks was ludicrous, but TMZ caught up with Ms. Oliver for her reaction...

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Hub fans (and Joe Buck) bid Tim McCarver adieu

Joe Buck, left, and Tim McCarver in the

(Credit: Fox Sports/Marc Levine)

Tim McCarver signs off for the final time as he called his last World Series game for Fox on Wednesday night after the Red Sox beat the Cardinals.

Video: McCarver signs off after calling final World Series

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MSG marks anniversary of goalie mask; Monty Hall was there!

Henrik Lundqvist looks on during a game against

(Credit: Jim McIsaac)

MSG will mark Friday's 54th anniversary of the debut of the goaltender mask in the NHL - and the mask-friendly Halloween holiday - with a daylong celebration Thursday, culminating after the Sabres-Rangers game with a showing of the 2009 NHL Network documentary "50 Years Behind the Mask." The celebration starts at noon with programming about past and present goalies, interspersed with...

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Charles Barkley: LeBron never will be in my all-time top five

Charles Barkley, left, and Shaquille O'Neal wrap up

(Credit: AP)

When people discuss the musical chairs on the set of ESPN’s “NBA Countdown,’’ they often frame the matter in terms of the show's so-far futile quest to match the success of TNT’s “Inside the NBA.’’ But Charles Barkley, the star of “Inside the NBA,’’ does not see it that way. “I don’t look at us as in competition with those guys,’’ the TNT analyst said Monday during a luncheon to preview the 2013-14...

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Special addition to SNY team: Mike Westhoff

Tim Tebow talks with special teams coordinator Mike

(Credit: Getty Images)

One negative of the Jets’ surprising start is that it has put a damper on SNY analyst Ray Lucas’ colorful postgame emoting, which late last season was becoming more entertaining than the games themselves. But that is not the only reason the postgame show has taken on a different tone this season. With Adam Schein and his, um, distinctive voice having left for CBS Sports Network, SNY has used a...

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Jimmy Connors gave them what they wanted

Jimmy Connors is seen during the French Open

(Credit: AP, 1979)

Tuesday’s ESPN “30 for 30” entry, “This is What They Want,’’ about Jimmy Connors and the 1991 U.S. Open, isn’t among the best in the series, in part because of some odd selections for talking heads with no direct connection to the story. But it is worth watching, if only to observe Connors still being his irascible, unrepentant self, and to listen to the brothers McEnroe talk about him. One of...

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Sage (Steele) move by ESPN

Sage Steele at the anchor desk for

(Credit: ESPN/Joe Faraoni)

TNT tips off its NBA coverage Tuesday when the stars of its popular studio show appear live event at Flatiron Plaza in New York, which should be fun, especially when Charles Barkley says something negative about the Knicks. ESPN, meanwhile, continues its search in the TV wilderness for a formula that can challenge its friends at Turner. The network’s latest move was adding Sage Steele as host of...

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'The Simpsons' goes to Brazil in 2014

Dan Castellaneta is the voice of Homer Simpson

(Credit: AP)

When “The Simpsons’’ made its debut on Fox, the United States did not have a major professional soccer league, and if it did, Homer and his friends surely would not have been inclined to follow it. Now, to mark the 25th season of the show, it will be the focus of a merchandise line tied to the sport and to assorted clubs around the world. There also will be a themed episode of the program in March,...

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Tim McCarver's World Series career, in 3:22

Baseball announcer Tim McCarver poses in the press

(Credit: AP, 2003)

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