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Linda Cohn bolts goalie camp, attends Game 5

Rangers captain Mark Messier, joined by other members

(Credit: AP / Marty Lederhandler)

I never got the chance to tell this story in the newspaper, what with the Stanley Cup Final ending in five games – as I correctly predicted before the series, but that’s beside the point – thus ending my Cup Final “Buzz’’ page.

But God created blogs as a place to unload interesting leftovers, so here goes:

Newfield High’s (and ESPN’s) own Linda Cohn showed up at the Staples Center for...

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Sky Rink reunion at Cup Final

Kenny Albert

(Credit: Fox Sports)

This post is way too self-indulgent for our print edition, but that is why God created blogs.So here ya go:

Covering my first, full Stanley Cup Final has offered a trip down memory lane to a time when I still owned hockey equipment, still was willing and able to stay up until 3 in the morning skating to and fro and make it to work the next day and still had enough hair to stick out from the...

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NBC looks back at Locomotiv disaster

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl players listen to the national anthem

(Credit: AP)

Sources tell me the Olympics will go on even after both American hockey teams were eliminated from gold medal contention, and with that in mind I recommend a feature that NBC plans for its afternoon show Saturday.

It is not tied directly to the Olympics but it is tied to hockey and Russia. The documentary, "Lokomotiv," looks back at the Sept. 7, 2011, plane crash that wiped out the Yaroslavl-based...

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