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Everything is awesome at Jets movie night

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows

(Credit: AP)

The vibe at MetLife Stadium Wednesday night was a tad out of the ordinary for a facility that this year has hosted everything from the Super Bowl to Beyonce and Jay Z. But not in a bad way.

On the Jets’ first-ever Movie Night about 8,000 people took advantage of lovely weather and free admission – and free popcorn – for activities that included locker room tours, pictures with cheerleaders...

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Is 'Draft Day' a classic in making?

1. THE BLIND SIDE Release date: Nov. 20,

No actor has more sports movie bona fides than Kevin Costner, so his opinions on the subject merit attention.

Still, he has gone out on a bit of a limb in saying his new movie, “Draft Day,” which opens April 11, has “a chance to be a classic’’ on the order of his other films.

“This took its place right along for me with ‘For Love of the Game,’ ‘Bull Durham,’ ‘Field of Dreams,’’’ he said...

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Kevin Costner likes to keep it real

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Costner, 58, and wife

(Credit: Getty)

To say the NFL “cooperated’’ in the making of “Draft Day’’ would be an understatement.

The league’s presence in the film, which premieres April 11, is extraordinarily extensive, from the use of actual team names and logos to a fake 2014 draft filmed the same weekend as last year’s real one. Both starred Roger Goodell.

Had that not been the case, Kevin Costner would not be starring in...

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'Draft Day' used one of Bill Belichick's scouting ideas

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick leaves

(Credit: AP)

Bill Belichick doesn't appear on camera in the upcoming movie "Draft Day," but it turns out he had quite the influence on one of the film's bigger scenes.

During a Super Bowl week press conference, Denis Leary (who plays fictional Cleveland Browns head coach Vince Penn in the movie) recalled a story from the film's production that involved the real-life New England Patriots head coach -- ...

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'Rush,' '42,' headlined tepid year in sports flicks

Chris Hemsworth, left, and Daniel Bruhl in a

(Credit: AP)

The 2013 year in movies officially grinds to a halt Sunday night with the awarding of the Academy Awards, and none of them will be going to scripted sports flicks.

No surprise there. It was a rather tepid year for movies about sports.

My favorite based-on-truth film was “Rush,’’ about the mid-1970s F1 rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt, which left me with a man-crush on actor...

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Truth better than fiction for Seahawks

Actress Jennifer Garner takes a photo as actors

(Credit: AP / Matt Slocum)

Like most sports flicks, “Draft Day’’ has its share of realism issues. But as the film’s April opening has approached some matters beyond its control cropped up, such as the matter of the No. 1 overall selection.

In the movie, whose story centers on the 2014 NFL Draft, the Seahawks own that dubious distinction. Oops. In the real world, the Seahawks will pick dead last.

But with the cooperation...

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Art Howe does not blame Philip Seymour Hoffman for portrayal

Art Howe managed the Mets during the 2003

(Credit: AP)

Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died on Super Bowl Sunday, left behind an impressive body of acting work, but his foray into sports flicks was tinged by controversy.

His portrayal of former A’s (and Mets) manager Art Howe in “Moneyball’’ – the third-highest-grossing baseball movie in history – came as a surprise to many who have known and worked with Howe.

 But as unhappy as Howe was...

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Ivan Drago is Sports Enemy No. 1

Dolph Lundgren as Ivan Drago in the movie

(Credit: CBS)

Kudos to for distracting me from Super Bowl stuff with a list of the 25 Greatest Sports Movie Villains, even if it is a mish mash of choices both off-beat and dead-on.

No argument here on No. 1: Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV.’’ As writer Dan Treadway points out, “THE MAN KILLED APOLLO CREED.’’

Treadway named Cancer No. 2 for the tears it induced in “Brian’s Song.’’ But if we’re sticking...

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Stallone is eggy; Basinger is leggy

"GRUDGE MATCH" (Dec. 25): A comedy-drama with Sylvester

(Credit: MCT)

I will be writing more later this month about the soon-to-be-released, silly-but-cute boxing film, “Grudge Match,’’ starring two guys who have appeared in previous boxing movies of some note: Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro.

But two quick thoughts for now:

First, happy (gulp) 60th birthday Sunday, Kim Basinger, luminescent as the film’s love interest. (Her daughter, 18-year-old...

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