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Tim Tebow, pitchman?

Tim Tebow looks on as he warms up

(Credit: Getty)

Tim Tebow may not have much of a future as an NFL quarterback, but there's potential for him as pitchman for various companies.

Watch the commercial embedded below and take a look for yourself. He has a chance to make a run at Peyton Manning for top passer turned product-pitcher in recent years.

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Tim Tebow debuts for ESPN, talks about singing chaplain

Tim Tebow speaks on ESPN before the BCS

(Credit: AP)

Tim Tebow debuted Monday as an ESPN analyst and acquitted himself rather well, mixing detailed technical analysis of the BCS National Championship Game with the kind of personal experience the network is looking for from him.

Still, the anecdote he offered during a morning SportsCenter appearance from the Rose Bowl had a distinctly wholesome, Tebowesque aspect to it.

When asked...

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