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HBO profiles Larry Brown Tuesday night

LARRY BROWN Tenure: 1981-83 Record: 91-67 Nets went

(Credit: AP)

Long Beach High's own Larry Brown, now 73 and working his familiar turnaround magic at SMU, will be profiled Tuesday night on HBO's latest "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel."

Gumbel himself, who has known Brown for 35 years, will do the interviewing honors.

"Larry has been psychoanalyzed in print more than any coach in any sport that I can recall, yet he remains open and honest about who...

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Esiason, Deford share unwanted bond

Gunnar Esiason stands on the sidelines in first

(Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy)

Tuesday’s HBO “Real Sports” features the bond between Boomer Esiason, whose son Gunnar was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 1993, and correspondent Frank Deford, whose daughter Alex died at 8 from the disease in 1980.

It was a speech by Deford about Alex 25 years ago that first got Esiason involved in the battle against the disease, one that naturally gained added momentum when it touched...

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'Friday Night Lights' director Peter Berg talks Spider Lockhart, Fran Tarkenton, HBO

Peter Berg discusses parents’ obsession with their children’s

Peter Berg’s football bona fides were established when he directed “Friday Night Lights,’’ then developed the TV series of the same name.

But long before that he was an avid fan of the “absolutely horrible’’ Giants of the early 1970s, frequenting Yankee Stadium to “watch Spider Lockhart try and carry a team, and Fran Tarkenton at the end when he couldn’t run so well.’’

Berg, 51, lives...

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HBO 'Real Sports' marks a milestone

Bryant Gumbel, host of HBO's "Real Sports."

(Credit: HBO/Nathaniel Welch )

Howard Cosell more or less invented sports journalism on television, including his mid-1980s show “SportsBeat,’’ so it was fitting that exactly three weeks before he died, one of the enduring pillars of the genre was born.

HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’’ premiered April 2, 1995, joining another show, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,’’ which arrived in 1990.

It is easy to forget how...

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Reggie Jackson would prefer not to be next to Billy Martin in Monument Park

Reggie Jackson looks on during batting practice prior

(Credit: Getty Images)

Tuesday night's HBO "Real Sports" features a Bryant Gumbel sitdown with Reggie Jackson, who is promoting his new book, "Becoming Mr. October," in which he weighs in on a number of topics.

One of them is the way he was portrayed in the ESPN series, "The Bronx is Burning," back in 2007. Another is his ongoing dislike of Billy Martin.

Here are excerpts from...

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'Hard Knocks' won't go unanswered

Justin Tuck walks off the field after a

(Credit: Getty)

The most important NFL-related media news Tuesday was the premiere of PBS’ documentary “League of Denial,’’ which dealt with the serious business of concussions.

But the strangest development came earlier that day with word owners had passed a resolution that would make it possible for teams to be forced into appearing on HBO’s training camp show “Hard Knocks,’’ absent volunteers.


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