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Silent Sonnen

Jon Jones fought Chael Sonnen at UFC 159

Jon Jones fought Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. (April 27, 2013)�Photo by Mario Gonzalez (Credit: Newsday Mario Gonzalez)

If you're wondering why your Internet didn't slow to a crawl this week, one possibility is that Chael Sonnen didn't fire away at Mauricio "Shogun" Rua much leading up to their headline bout Saturday in Boston on UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1.

Below are the juiciest of Sonnen's work on the conference call from earlier this week. None of them figure to have the type of staying power to be included in "The Best of Chael Sonnen" quote roundups.

On fighting and talking:

"You've got to understand I wouldn't poke fun at somebody if they were weak, I wouldn't go bully somebody. The fact that those guys have a lot of belts and a lot of history and a lot of good wins behind them is why they became a target. It's the same reason I pick fun and go after the champion and so should everybody else. I'm not going to sidestep anybody; I'm not going to back down from anybody at any weight. And most importantly I'm not going to pick on a guy that's weak or smaller than me. Outside of Wanderlei [Silva] I never have."

On fighting Anderson Silva a third time:

“I don’t accept the outcome of either of those matches and I mean we can fight - it doesn't have to be for the belt. I don't always chase titles around. I wanted to fight Jon Jones, he just happened to have the title. I want to fight Anderson Silva whether he's got the belt or not, I'd like to fight him right now.”

On being an analyst on TV:

"I can't turn around and not hear about Conor McGregor. I've never seen him fight, he's only fought one time and he's getting compliments from guys that don't give out compliments. Michael Bisping, who's a complete jerk and doesn't compliment anybody, loves this kid and talks about him left and right."

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