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Chris Weidman still not intimidated by Anderson Silva

The fight poster for UFC 168 with Long

The fight poster for UFC 168 with Long Island's Chris Weidman in the main event against Anderson Silva on Dec. 28, 2013.

His image is on top. His name is listed first. He'll be introduced last.

Still, new UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman would have preferred a different photo be used in the poster for UFC 168 and his rematch against former champ Anderson Silva.

As for the "Leave No Doubt" tagline used on the poster?

"I like that," Weidman said Wednesday at a UFC 168 promotional stop with Anderson Silva at UFC Gym in Manhattan. "There will be no doubt after this fight."

Here are a few leftover quotes from Weidman that didn't make the main story from that day.

On those doubters referenced by the tagline:

“He deserves that type of respect where people can’t believe that he actually lost the first time, and they won’t believe that he’ll lose a second time.”

On Silva's creativity in the cage:

“He’s had so many fights at this point, every time he’s in there, I think he’s as creative as you can be.”

On the "new" Anderson Silva:

“I know people are like, ‘Oh the angry Anderson Silva, the serious Anderson Silva is going to be coming out. If you think that intimidates me or it makes me second guess myself at all, that’s just not where my mind’s at.”

On how being in the cage with Silva helps in preparing for the rematch:

“We brought in guys who were fast and quick, and in the back of your head, you think, 'Can they really emulate Anderson Silva?' In some respects they couldn’t, but in a lot of respects, they could. As far as speed, I saw everything coming. There was nothing he threw at me where I was like ‘Whoa, that was out of nowhere.’”

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