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I write in too many blogs to create individual profiles for each. So, whether you get roped into my musings on pop culture, "Entourage," mixed martial arts or the NFL, here are some things you should know about me:

1) No one's meatballs are as good as your mother's. It's undebatable.

2) "The Godfather III" and "Rocky V" get a bum rap. They're not nearly as bad as people make them out to be.

3) Randy "Macho Man" Savage is the forgotten man when it comes to old-school pro wrestling discussions.

4) If YouTube stopped existing, it would create quite a problem for us. How would we waste time at work? Where would all the things we push off until later go?

5) The hug in the ocean between Rocky and Apollo in "Rocky III" makes absolutely no sense, but it's impossible to change the channel when it comes on.

6) MTV doesn't need to play more videos, just create more channels that play videos.

7) Just chill to the next episode.

8) When is someone going to create a garlic-scented cologne? Or perhaps a hand cream of some sort?

9) ADA Jack McCoy would kick ADA Ben Stone's patoot any day in court, but Paul Robinette would smoke Jamey Ross, Abby Carmichael, Claire Kincaid, Danielle Borgia and Connie Rubirosa.

10) I nearly dumped a girlfriend who thought my clapping in 1995 when Don Mattingly finally reached the playoffs was "childish."

11) Lauren Conrad. I'm just saying.

12) Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday? And if you're busy, I wouldn't mind taking Saturday-ay-ay, ay-ay-ay.

13) What's up, guy?

14) Victory!

15) Seeing Red Sox fans wretch at the mention of Wade Boggs on the horse in the Yankee Stadium is almost as funny as the episode of "Cheers" when Sam Malone and the rest of them "pantsed Wade Boggs."

16) I believe that after your favorite player retires or gets traded or signs elsewhere, there needs to be a one-year grace period before carefully selecting your next favorite player.

17) Swedish Fish, Mountain Dew make the world go round. Duct tape is a close third.

18) Twitter is the worst invention in history. Wait, how many characters was that?

UFC 176 canceled after Jose Aldo suffers injury

Jose Aldo celebrates his unanimous decision victory over

(Credit: AP)

UFC 176 has been canceled after featherweight champion Jose Aldo suffered an injury, the UFC announced Tuesday.

Aldo was set to take on No. 1 ranked featherweight Chad Mendes in the main event on Aug. 2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The other scheduled fights will be moved to upcoming cards.

UFC 177 remains scheduled for Aug. 30 in Sacramento, Calif. and will not change its title....

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Isaiah Bird and UFC 175

After completing his first surfing lesson, Long Beach

(Credit: Handout)

Good things keep happening for Isaiah Bird.

Isaiah is 6 years old and wrestles for the Long Beach Gladiators' youth program. He was born without legs, and earlier this month, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman helped raise money to aid Isaiah and his family. That event led to him receiving a new customized wheelchair, among other things to help the family get closer to moving out of the...

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MMA Platinum Gloves event June 28

Dakota Giguere (bottom) holds off Victor Robinson in

(Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan)

MMA Platinum Gloves, an amateur tournament run by Nic and Dan Canobbio, has grown from small hotel ballrooms to a college gymnasium to, now, an indoor sports facility.

It took just four events for such growth. Not bad for a state where professional MMA remains illegal.

The fifth fight card for MMA Platinum Gloves (Season 2, Round 2), is scheduled for this Saturday, June 28, at the Sports...

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Freeport's Eddie Gordon reaches 'Ultimate Fighter' final

Eddie Gordon during training at Power MMA in

(Credit: Newsday/Jeff Basinger)

The bell to end the third and fight-deciding round sounded. Eddie Gordon raised his arms in victory. Cathal Pendred did the same.

This is a common scene in mixed martial arts. Boxing, too. The fight is over, the judges are now responsible for rendering a verdict on the the action before them for the past 15 minutes. Each fighter wants to project a positive image in those moments, one of confidence...

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Charity MMA/BJJ event with Ray Longo, Matt Serra and Renzo Gracie

Stitch goes to work on wrapping Matt Serra's

(Credit: UFC Photo)

Live to Fight, a charity organization that helps raise funds for people in the need in the MMA community, hosts its next event on Sunday, June 22 at Serra BJJ in Huntington.

This time, it's Ray Longo teaching MMA for two hours, followed by Matt Serra and Renzo Gracie for three hours in Gis teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


To help Islip's Brian Baney, who has stage 4 brain cancer....

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Who will Anderson Silva fight first?

Anderson Silva practices in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro,

(Credit: Getty)

Anderson Silva will likely return to the octagon at some point in 2015. Nick Diaz hasn't been inside the octagon since 2013.

Still, Diaz wants to fight Silva.

Fans get silly when talk of Silva vs. Diaz pops up.

Does this fight make any sense, though? On one side, you've got Silva, the former UFC middleweight champion coming back from a broken leg in his rematch against Chris Weidman...

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LI raises big dollars for Isaiah Bird

Isaiah Bird, 6, was born without legs but

(Credit: Miguel Rodriguez)

At the end of May, we wrote about UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman helped put together a fundraiser for Isaiah Bird, a 6-year-old boy who was born without legs.

Power MMA in Garden City, owned by Ray Longo and Weidman, was packed that day. Cars were parked all along Commercial Avenue that afternoon.

There were demonstrations inside from Weidman, wrestling lessons from other UFC...

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The busy summer of Keith Trimble

Keith Trimble of Bellmore Kickboxing Academy discusses boxer

(Credit: Newsday/Mark La Monica)

It's not uncommon for boxing and MMA trainers to have multiple fighters on the same card for a night, or to have a number of fights lined up in a short time span.

Still, it's rather time consuming just to list it all out, let alone train each fighter, find sparring partners for each fighter, organize schedules for each fighter, travel with each fighter and corner each fighter.

Have a...

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UFC doubleheader Saturday: 12 hours, 22 fights

Mark Munoz, right, and Gegard Mousasi face off

(Credit: Getty )

The UFC hosts a fight card in Berlin on Saturday night, May 31. The UFC hosts a fight card in Brazil on Saturday night, May 31. 

Surely, this UFC doubleheader will lead folks to moan and groan about "watered-down" fight cards and "too many events" and other such charming tweets and page-view grabs.

Both fights are at night, in their respective time zones. Depending on your market,...

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Ryan LaFlare off the UFC card in Dublin

Ryan LaFlare poses for a photo at Long

(Credit: Mike Stobe)

Ryan LaFlare told Newsday that a knee injury forced him to pull out his co-main event bout against Gunnar Nelson at  UFC Fight Night 46 in Dublin on July 19.

The UFC announced the fight switch on Wednesday morning but did not indicate the nature of the injury.

LaFlare, co-owner of Long Island MMA in Farmingdale, said he expects to be out for six to nine months.

LaFlare (11-0,...

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