. . . He'll say anything he wants to say, at any time, to just about anyone. Luckily, some of us have the opportunity to ask the UFC president questions and write down his responses so you can read them.

This time around, I wasn't the lucky one. Sergio Non of USA Today. He's got an amusing Q&A with Dana White where he goes on about the WEC, the BJ Penn-Frankie Edgar rematch, Dan Henderson and Strikeforce in general.

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Among the anti-Strikeforce comments, White said:

"One of the things that they did over there, they're making bets on fights. They're betting that Henderson's going to beat Jake Shields. They're betting that (Melvin) Manhoef was going to beat Robbie Lawler. So they get sideways with the guys and let their contracts run out so they can do contracts with these other guys that they think are going to beat them."

I don't believe he meant that they actually placed bets, so don't get it twisted. I think he meant more about the way they promoted the fight and negotiated contracts.