NEWARK - We all struggle with weight issues at some point in our lives. It's part of being American.

But I'll never figure out how a person who gets paid to weigh a specific number of pounds for just a few moments on one particular day can screw that up.

Enter Rory Markham, a welterweight who fights at 170 pounds (but can weigh-in at 171 the day before the fight). Markham tipped the scales at Friday's weigh-in for UFC 111 at a whopping 177 pounds.

That's six pounds overweight - 96 ounces. A three-liter bottle of soda weighs about 100 ounces. Two heroes from your local deli equal about six pounds.

Markham was fined $1,000 by the New Jersey Athletic Commission, and that money goes to opponent Nate Diaz. That's $167.67 per pound. Pricey.

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The bout will still go on but at a new 177-pound catchweight. Probably not what Diaz was hoping for, seeing how this was going to be his first fight at 170 after moving up from lightweight (155).

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