Jumping on the anti-Anderson Silva bandwagon seems to be the current trend in mixed martial arts. Some balk at his in-cage antics, others think he's bored and lets people know about it with terse answers to long-winded questions.

But, despite the media's frustration with the UFC middleweight champion on Tuesday's conference call, it appears that fans still crave information about Silva as he prepares to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 on Aug. 7.

According to a PR rep who reached out to Fightin' Words, based on Ask.com, Anderson Silva is the most asked-about MMA fighter on the Internet.

Here are the top 10 questions Americans are asking about Silva. See how many you can answer without Googling.

Top Ten Anderson Silva Questions from Ask.com

1. Who has Anderson Silva lost to?

2. How old is Anderson Silva?

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3. What is Anderson Silva’s Record? 

4. Who is Anderson Silva fighting next?

5. What school did Anderson Silva go to?

6. Does Anderson Silva have a brother?

7. Who is stronger Anderson Silva or Tim Sylvia?


8. How long has Anderson Silva been the middleweight champion?

9. How much money does Anderson Silva make?

10. What martial arts does Anderson Silva train in?