Andrei Arlovski ate a huge right hand from Antonio Silva in the first round of their heavyweight bout at Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery.

Why is that the first sentence here? Because it's news. Big news.

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The former UFC champion, who looks like one of General Zod's henchman in "Superman," got tagged, and he did NOT collapse to floor inside the cage as he did the past two times. Arlovski had been knocked out in the first round against Fedor Emelianenko and then again in just 22 seconds by Brett Rogers. 

Maybe Arlovski isn't washed up just yet. He wasn't the dominant force he used to be, nor close to it, but at least he proved all that training with Greg Jackson in New Mexico and AKA in San Jose was worth the time.

Arlovski can take a punch again, but he lost by unanimous decision to Silva. All three judges scored it, 29-28.