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Bob Knight stuck in time

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira holds a baseball

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira holds a baseball stance with retired college basketball coach Bob Knight at Steiner Sports Memorabilia in New Rochelle to sign autographs for a Hurricane Sandy relief charity auction. (Dec. 3, 2012) (Credit: Elizabeth Daza)

Well, hello there, WatchDog Nation. I'm here for one of my periodic Friday visits, ready to blog like in olden times (7/2/07 - 10/28/09).

Today we begin with Bob Knight, the ESPN analyst who last night worked the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt game in Nashville.

Normally I don't watch college hoops before March, but a close relative recently was accepted into Vanderbilt University so I suddenly have become a fan.

Anyway, the good news is Coach Knight referred to Kentucky by name, unlike in the past when he refused to let that word pass his lips.

The bad news: His analysis of the end of the game, including a shot clock controversy, was so incoherent that I was more disturbed/troubled by it than amused.

The YouTube clip here includes the most damning portion of his commentary, but trust me: After having watched the last half hour, the problems extended well beyond what is seen in the video excerpt.

Oy vey. ESPN needs to look into this matter.


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