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Jim Kaat was no 'homer' on YES

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Last month I created a bit of a stir by quoting YES president Tracy Dolgin calling YES a "homer network," in the sense his announcers root for the Yankees to win. He argued there is nothing either wrong or unusual about that for a local telecast.

It's an interesting debate, so I brought up the topic to one of the most interesting analysts in YES' 10-year history: Jim Kaat, now of the MLB Network.

Does he treat national telecasts any differently than when he was doing Yankees games?

"Well, I always took the same approach," Kaat said on a conference call to promote his national game coverage alongside play-by-play man Bob Costas. "I don’t think anyone that watched Yankee games for the 13 [years] that I did them could say that.

"It made my job easier if the Yankees went 162-0, but I never felt that there was any pressure to say good things about the Yankees when they weren’t doing well. I’ve always felt comfortable being an objective observer and just watching what goes on the field.

"When somebody does something poorly, chances are that a guy on the other team is doing something well. So I liked them both identically from that standpoint.”

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