Here's why I enjoy watching mixed martial arts: A guy can spend the majority of the round getting his patoot handed to him and still win in a second's notice.

Such was the case with Bart Palaszewski at WEC 47 in Columbus, Ohio. He absorbed big shots from Karen Darabedyan for the better part of four minutes while on the ground during their lightweight bout.

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Then, just as I looked down to grab a sip of my Arnold Palmer (yeah, I said it), Darabedyan was tapping out. Upon further review on my DVR, it appears Palaszewski locked in an armbar that Darabedyan (9-2) couldn't escape with 19 seconds left in the first round.

Hence the intrigue of MMA.

"He was clipping me, obviously," said Palaszewski (33-13). "He kept leaving his arms out, so I kept spinning, trying to get an armbar."