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RONIN (1998) The cars: 1998 Audi S8 D2,
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RONIN (1998)
The cars: 1998 Audi S8 D2, 1995 BMW M5, a Mercedes 450 SEL (the rare W116 model) and a host of Peugeots
The star: Robert DeNiro
The story: Based on a group of former Special Forces and intelligence agents in an elaborate heist of an unknown suitcase, The movie's chase scenes are as hair-raising as they are visually stimulating. At some portions of the movie, especially during the wrong-way chase through the Paris tunnel, more than 300 stunt drivers were used.
Did you know?: Since all the chase scenes were shot to be "real," or "authentic," when the crew went to re-shoot the in-car scenes, the cars were actually towed through the streets of Paris at a high speed. Nothing was re-created for effect.

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