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Tebow taking heat over the airwaves

Mark Sanchez isn't the only target of criticism.

Tim Tebow, the Jets' rarely-used backup quarterback, is now coming under fire for a number of reasons -- including his apparent lack of talent.

A day after Sanchez's former USC coach Pete Carroll called Tebow "a distraction," Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw ripped the Jets (3-6) for trading for Tebow in the first place.

"The Jets' people brought this problem on themselves," he said during his weekly WFAN radio spot Tuesday. "They were never satisfied, for whatever reason. They had to have Tim Tebow. Huge mistake. His body of work in Denver didn't warrant the fact that he came to the Jets. Look at the chaos that it's created; people wanting this guy to play.

"I don't know him, but he just can't play. That's my opinion."

Because the Jets "created this monster," Bradshaw said, "now the season is shot." 

Former Jets right tackle Damien Woody, now an ESPN analyst, said on air that Rex Ryan would lose the locker room if he made a quarterback change. Woody also added that unlike the 2011 Broncos -- who turned their season around with a six-game winning streak and a playoff win at Heinz Field with Tebow at the helm -- "The Jets aren't built for Tebow to have those type of heroics."

Jets great Vinny Testaverde also chimed in on the Tebow debate, but he was far more complimentary of Tebow's skills ... albeit, not at the quarterback position. 

"You have a guy on your roster -- Tim Tebow -- who can be your running game," the former Jets quarterback told ESPN. "Instead of giving him just 10, 12 reps, give him a full load and wear down the defense.

"I don't know how all the pieces fit, but that's my opinion. A good running game leads to bigger and better things. It's hard to be successful when you have problems everywhere." 

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