USA basketball at the Olympics

Look back at each Olympics hoops appearance for Team USA

The 'original' Dream Team

Credit: AP

1960 Rome Olympics

The 'original' Dream Team


Result: Gold medal

Key players: Oscar Robertson (17 PPG), Jerry Lucas (16.8 PPG), Jerry West (14.3 PPG)

If there was an amateur equivalent to the Dream Team, it was the 1960 U.S. Olympic team. Robertson, Lucas, West, Walt Bellamy, Bob Boozer and Darrell Imhoff were among the stars on the roster. The most Team USA was tested was an 81-57 win over the Soviet Union in semifinal pool play. They beat Brazil and the Soviet Union in final round play.

Pictured: Lucas (No. 11) in action against Italy at Rome's Sports Palace. (Sept. 8, 1960)

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